10 things you should know about health anxiety #TriggerWarning.

*Disclaimer* – I am not a medically trained professional therefore if you are concerned about your mental health or another person’s mental health then please seek professional advice. This is from what I know from my own personal experience of the disorder.

As well as having OCD, I have anxiety. My OCD and my anxiety link together to form one diagnosis of anxiety related OCD, but in fact, I have three mental health problems – health anxiety, social anxiety and OCD. I thought I’d also do a 10 things you should know about health anxiety. Next week I’ll do a 10 things you should know about social anxiety post because I want people to understand what it’s like to have different types of anxiety.

Trigger warning – discusses subjects that can trigger health anxiety.

  1. Health anxiety is also known as “hypochondria” but people don’t use that term medically anymore.
  2. The worry is overwhelming. People with health anxiety constantly worry about their health.
  3. Health anxiety can cause people to worry about their present health thinking it is something serious or can cause people to worry about their future health.
  4. It can be linked to other mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.
  5. Health anxiety involves checking or avoiding things that are believed to cause illness for example watching health documentaries or TV shows.
  6. This disorder can link in closely with OCD because of the checking “rituals”.
  7. People may often go to the doctors a lot if they have health anxiety or may seek reassurance from others.
  8. Therapy and medication can help manage the disorder.
  9. Hypochondria is a long term mental health condition that can last for years.
  10. It can consume your daily life if the disorder is severe.

I hope you know a little bit more about the disorder, if you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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