An update from last week.

So last week I did a Student Sunday Update, telling you all about what I’ve been doing since I started my journalism course and some of the opportunities that I have gotten involved in. If you’ve read this post then you will know that I applied for some roles within Northern Lights and SR News.

I found out that I got the Northern Lights culture coordinator role last Saturday but got to find out more about my role on Tuesday last week. My role is basically to research events in the area and either attend them myself or find other people to go. I get to look at all aspects of culture events – music, film, literature, theatre, art…and so far I can say I’m glad that I applied for the role. I had a few late nights (by my standards) last week but I’m not complaining. I got to interview great people at some great events and had the joy of transcribing all of them! Again, I’m not complaining – even though it has taken me a full day or two to do it all!

Onto the SR News roles – I applied for a Guest Planner/News Gatherer role, a reporter role and a Social Media Editor role – NOTE: I only wanted one of these roles but I’ve been brought up on the notion that you should apply for more than one role not out of greed but because if I didn’t get one then I had a chance at another, if that makes sense.

Anyway…I got the news gatherer/guest planner role which I’m happy about! I’ll be talking to people, arranging interviews and gathering news content – exactly what the name of the role implies. I’m looking forward to getting involved in this role for a few hours a week so I’ll let you know how it goes!

That was just a quick update on how it’s going – follow me on Twitter if you want to see how it’s going on a day-to-day basis!


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