Liberal Democrats Leadership Election

The coverage of the Liberal Democrats leadership was perhaps a little on the minimal side.

The Liberal Democrats had their leadership election at the same time that the Labour Leadership was beginning, could this be to blame for the little media coverage? Or could it be that as usual Labour and the Conservative party are the front-runners, with the Liberal Democrat’s trailing behind?

I did not vote for the Liberal Democrats in the 2015 general election, namely because I am a student. If you are unable to make the link as to why, it’s because students were told that there would not be a rise in tuition fees under a Lib Dem government and guess what? The fees rose in excess to £9000.

But that’s not what this post is about.

Personally, I think that it has something to do with the other party’s being front-runners. But could it have something to do with the Liberal Democrats and their coalition with the Conservative party and with the stepping down of Nick Clegg.

The Liberal Democrats were not entirely successful during their run with the Tory government from 2010 till May 2015. One of the reasons mentioned above. The coalition didn’t work for many people, especially young people and students. They did not get many voters and lost a number of seats as a result – making it a minority party unfortunately. It could have been the shock, the disinterested or a combination of both.

The stepping down of Nick Clegg may have come with no surprise after the disastrous result for them. The party may have lost members in favour of other parties or party members may not have wanted to vote which may be why it didn’t get coverage.

It is a combination of many factors, in my opinion and something that I think the media should have written more about the leadership, as politics is in the public interest, even if there are a minority that are interested in the party.

What do you think?

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