My Evening Skin Care Routine.

I posted my morning skin care routine here last week, but now I’m going to show you my evening skin care routine. I wear makeup throughout the day and a lot of it in my opinion, so in the evening I need to take it off properly. There’s nothing worse than going to bed with makeup on – I did it in my teenage years and I wouldn’t recommend it. Leaving my makeup on clogged up my pores – making me break out in spots and it certainly ruined by pillowcases.

Here’s my evening skin care routine:


I take my makeup off using Simple’s makeup wipes (not shown in the picture). They take the top layer of my makeup off and are “kind” to my sensitive skin. I use the exfoliating ones normally as it helps to buff away those horrible dead bits of skin (ugh!).

After I’ve done that, I use my Olay refreshing face wash to give my face a clean. It also helps to take off anything I’ve missed on my face. Some people use a cleanser after they’ve removed their makeup, but I do this step to make sure I’ve definitely got no makeup on.

Next step is removing my eye makeup. It’s really important to look after your eyes and remove your eye makeup because it can cause infection and no-one wants that. I use the Nivea eye makeup remover (shown on the right hand side of the picture). It’s gentle on my eyes and doesn’t sting. I always use a cotton pad (shown on the left) on this step, because my eyes are sensitive and delicate. I don’t want to put my fingers anywhere near my eyes!

My makeup has now disappeared and it’s time to cleanse and tone my face. I do exactly what I do in the morning – cleanse with a cotton pad twice and then use my toner. I use the Olay Cleanser and the Nivea Cleansing Toner (both on the left of the picture). If my face is particularly dry then I use a cleansing oil and if its oily then I use a cleansing mousse. My skin type changes with the seasons so I have to listen to what my skin is telling me. It’s sometimes annoying having combination skin, but I make it work.

Now my face feels smooth, I move on to my serum. I use the Superdrug Naturally Radiant 2-in-1 Serum and Moisturiser – it’s cheap but it works brilliantly. It adds the moisture back into my face which then enables me to use my Simple eye cream (not pictured) that I mentioned in my morning skin care routine post.

The last two things that go on my face are my Olay Night cream (shown in the middle) and my intensive Garnier moisturiser.

Lip moisturer, bio-oil on my scars and hand-cream are the finishing touches.

On some evenings, I use some extra things or if I’ve had a particularly tiring day then I reduce the steps in my evening routine.



Exfoliation is a key part of my skin care routine. I use the St Ives exfoliator twice a week to “buff” my skin and to make my face smooth. If I’m particularly spotty, then I’ll use the Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Scrub. It’s very rough, but it really helps when I use it with my spot cream. (not pictured).

Masks are a great way to keep your skin hydrated. I use a mask once a week. I’ve used many brands but Superdrug’s own make works for me. There are many different types and I can get one I need for the week. I can buy many at a time because they aren’t that expensive! I love buying them in bulk.

I also use a Wilkinson’s body scrub every few days which helps my skin stay smooth. It’s cheap but it does the job and I can’t complain. I’m on a student budget, so money counts!

Finally micellar water is my go to if I’ve had a tiring or busy day. It takes off my makeup in a few quick sweeps. Quick and simple. The Garnier cleansing water does the trick and doesn’t sting or irritate my face like some other ones that I’ve tried.

And that’s that, my evening routine done.

Other products are available, these are just my preferred items. 

What’s your evening skin care routine?


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