Having a Pen Pal.

I have had a pen pal for a number of years now after becoming somewhat lonely during my late teens. On Monday (12th October), I spoke to my pen pal for the first time in the three years that we have known each other. It was a surreal experience, considering we have only spoke online and on Facebook. We spoke to each other on Facebook messenger which lets you call people too. The big thing about this event however is that my pen pal lives nearly 9’000 miles away in Taiwan. TAIWAN!

We’d arranged to speak so I could help her practice her English, as she is studying Literature at university. I don’t know how to speak a lot of Mandarin Chinese (but I’m learning and she is going to help me!), but her English is really good.

It didn’t feel awkward at all, in fact there was laughter straight away. I was worrying that she wouldn’t be able to understand my Geordie accent, but my poshness did not fail me and all was well apart from a few pauses and pardons.

But what is it like having a pen pal?

In all honesty, I find it fascinating. I love the Asian languages and would love to visit the countries in Asia someday. I wasn’t familiar with Taiwan and even had a few geography lessons and had a language learning session during our chat too which was great fun. I can now say hello in Mandarin Chinese – ni hāo!

It was really weird hearing her voice (in a good way!). When you’ve spoken to someone for a number of years and then hear them, it can be overwhelming. I couldn’t believe that some years ago, I would have written letters to her or even used email but now I can message her on Facebook or call her. It’s amazing!

We talked about culture in this country and in Taiwan as well as films and the royal family. My geography isn’t exactly the best so I had to explain where I lived and about the history of the UK! A very “heavy” conversation if you ask me!

I can’t wait to chat to her again, but we’ll have to find a time that suits us both as she is seven hours ahead of me in terms of time! When I’m sleeping, she’s awake most of the time but she’ll be sleeping now!

Did you have a pen pal or do you have a pen pal now? Comment below!


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One comment

  1. ni hāo!
    I can say Taiwan now!!!
    Of course this is the 1st word.

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