As a student, there is a common misconception that we go out all of the time AND drink! That isn’t true! Student Minds have put a campaign together called #BestNightEver to illustrate that. The only connotation associated with fun isn’t just alcohol and going out to pubs and clubs. It isn’t for all of us, it’s a rather big generalisation. It certainly isn’t for me. I prefer to have nights in, studying, reading or blogging, sometimes all three. I meditate too, which is a great help!

Staying in is better for my mental wellbeing and it is the same for many others. It’s calming and relaxing and in my opinion is better than the thumping and deafening music and the muffled conversations into ears. A night in isn’t for everyone, but it is needed once in a while or for others, like me, it’s a regular occurrence. The point of the campaign is to show that you don’t need to go out to have the best night ever.

You can partake in the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag – #BestNightEver and by tagging Student Minds, if you so wish. I know the Thinking Ahead group at the University of Sunderland is taking part, so why don’t you join in too. Although the campaign started on October 6th, it finishes tomorrow so you still have time. You don’t have to make a lot of effort. It can be your common night in with nibbles and a good book, or you can take a picture of you and your pet…anything that shows your best night ever.

Many of us post our liveliest nights out, the nights that are full of people and places, but we never show people our quiet nights. The one’s where we are wrapped up in our blankets, watching TV or films and eating nibbles from a bowl. We want people to see how much fun we are having as students on nights out, further reinforcing the stereotype. But it isn’t entirely true – many of us enjoy a Netflix binge or a good reading book whilst sitting on our bed. Our best night ever are all different. We aren’t missing out on anything just because we stay in, at least that’s how I see it.

Here’s my best night ever!


My best night ever includes: my laptop, my blanket, a hot water bottle, my slippers and of course some chocolate.

That’s my best night ever.

What’s yours? (Don’t forget to use the hashtag on social media). 


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