Careers: Have they become digitised?

I saw this article on the website Look a few days and it struck me as a blogger that writes for a hobby (for now). There are many bloggers out there that monetise their blog and make blogging their full or part time job. I’m not sure if I want to make that step yet, but with what the article says, many young people want to become bloggers in terms of a career. This led me to think – with the digital world ever expanding and careers often becoming focused online, have careers become digitised?

The nature of journalism is changing, with the development of citizen journalism and social media as an outlet to source and deliver news. Most articles are now optimised for online and social media use and part of a journalist’s job is to “think digitally” as user-generated content and feedback comes from the internet these days. With this being said, journalists are now being expected to write articles online for digital websites and many print articles are often written in an online format too so they can be placed online for the commuting or “busy” reader.

The same can go for the broadcast mediums in journalism. Radio and TV broadcasting can often be found online on catchup or people can watch or listen to broadcasted programmes live online at the touch of a button. As journalists, we have to keep this in mind. Students often practice on online platforms as well as print, showing the movement of journalism from print to online and beyond. With the advancement of technology – applications such as Periscope and Youtube are being used in the journalism sector. People are expected to know how to utilise social media and the internet for varying reasons in journalism – not least to attract readers.

Undoubtedly, a career in journalism has become digitised as well as other creative careers like PR, advertising and marketing (to name a few), but what about other careers that are not creatively based, for example healthcare and nursing.

While I was a social work student, I was particularly interested in the use of social media within the health and social care sector and came across @WeNurses on Twitter. A platform where nurses could come together on social media and discuss the profession and a place where they could offer and gain support from others. The platform developed to include more professionals within the healthcare sector, each having their own corresponding hashtag and username.

The platform has been used a lot and has become an ever more important part of the sector. It is a well-known online platform that is based on Twitter and online on the We Community. This shows that social media and the digital world is not just restricted to the creative career sector. Digitisation is also moving into the social care and education sector, although there aren’t as many technology driven roles. It is more so the use of technology that is appearing and developing in these sectors. Maybe one day, digital roles will be available?

You can’t be mistaken that technology and the digital world is becoming more influential in many careers, but it is a definite fact that journalism has been taken over by social media and the rest of the digital world.

What do you think? 


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