My Morning Skin Care Routine.

We all know how important it is to have a skin care routine, even in our early 20’s or teenage years right? We need to keep our skin looking firm and youthful, as society expects us to. There’s no time for growing old gracefully, as we are told to look younger and to keep those wrinkles at bay. I say no to that, but alas I still have a morning and evening skin care routine. Here’s my morning skin care items and how I apply them. I’ll be doing my night time skin care routine next week!


I have combination skin, in some places I’m oily and in other places I’m dry so I have to mix up my skin care routine in the morning to make sure my makeup goes on the way I want it to! I always use cotton pads rather than my hands with most of my products as I don’t want to put any bacteria onto my face.

Firstly, I use the Olay Face Cloths, which can be seen on the bottom left of the picture. You wet the cloth and it turns into soap! This helps me to wake up in the morning and gets anything off my face that has built up from the night before. (Yes, even the gunk that comes out of your eye – though be careful around the eye area!).

After that, I use my refreshing face wash from Olay (again!) and scrub my face. It makes my face feel refreshed as it should do, so I can then use my cleanser and toner.

You can probably see that Olay is one of my favourite skincare brands…but I use the Olay cleansing milk to cleanse my face. It makes my skin feel really soft and clean. I do this step twice because I have oily skin in the morning, so it dries it out a bit (which is what I prefer).

Next step is toner. I use the Nivea “pure and natural” toner. I don’t like toners that sting my face (I’ve tried many and many of them do!) but this one works really well. It helps my skin stay smooth and opens up my pores. Ready for the next step which are my eye creams.

It’s important to look after the skin under your eyes as it is really delicate. My eyes are really sensitive so I choose to use the Simple eye cream duo. I use the roll on first to wake me up (the green bottle) and then I use the eye cream underneath both eyes and on my eyelids.

Serums and day creams come next. I always use my Olay Day Serum first. I put it all over my face and neck and let it sink in a while. Serums penetrate deep into the skin, so I wait a few minutes before putting on my Loreal Triple Active Day cream. The cream is like a dream. I only need a little bit on my finger and it does the job.

The last item that I put on my face is my moisturiser. I use my Vaseline intensive moisturiser as it hydrates my skin and helps my makeup go on the way I want it to. I prefer the dewy look rather than the matte look, so making my skin balanced in terms of hydration and dryness is key. My morning skin care routine makes sure of this! It has taken a long time to get the balance right, but these work for me.

The last item in my skin care routine for my face is my lip-balm. I use the Wilkinson’s lip balm as it does the job for me. Other lip balms dry out my lips too much, whereas this one keeps my lips just right!

And that’s that, my morning skin care routine done!

Other products are available, these are just my preferred items. 

What’s in your morning skin care routine? 


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