Frances Marshall Hair Salon: Review.

On Monday, I decided to make a change – I chose to get my hair cut short again and to get it dyed a different colour. How different you may ask? Ginger. I wanted to dye my hair ginger. For those that follow me on my social media, you may be familiar with my hairstyle, or now former hairstyle – a brown bob. I am now have a ginger long pixie cut.

I went to Frances Marshall, a hair Salon in Sunderland to get my hair done and I wanted to do a review on the service that I received. Note: I was not asked to do this, I wanted to do it for What’s Up Wednesday, as today’s post is all about lifestyle and culture.

After seeing the salon in passing on Saturday I knew I had to try it out. I haven’t had my hair cut “properly” in a while and Frances Marshall seemed professional and had good prices (a student discount too!) – I couldn’t give it a miss.

I wasn’t wrong with how professional it was. I rang the salon to book an appointment on Saturday and I was asked what I wanted – I explained and that was that. I even spoke to the person who was going to be doing my hair, which really helped and affirmed to me that I was going to get what I wanted. I was fairly excited at this point and really wanted my hair cut and coloured at that moment.

Alas, Monday came and I walked into the salon. I was greeted straight away by the person who would be doing my hair. After a few introductions, it was time for my hair consultations. I had completed some research so I was pretty sure about what I wanted – short and ginger. Amanda, who was doing my hair got the colour book out and helped me flick through to decide my exact colour. We picked out a BRIGHT ORANGE hair dye. I trusted her opinion so!

35 minutes later and it was crunch time. I came out bright ginger. No-one has ever successfully done it and I was happy that Amanda had managed to, but it was far too ginger for my liking. I love ginger hair but it was bright ginger and to be honest, although I liked the colour, it was far too orange for me.

We put toner on to lessen the colour and 5 minutes later, I was still ginger but I was more of a reddish-browny ginger. It’s a hard colour to imagine but you’ll see it soon!

Then it was time for my cut. I wanted it like Karen Gillan’s hair. Short at the back and one side but long on the other. Think Frankie Sanford but a bit shorter. I was really happy with the cut too as Amanda took her time to make sure I liked it.

And now for the big reveal before I end the post…

12081385_862379543869358_996262572_n Before






All in all, it was a great service and well worth the money I did pay. I will definitely going back to the salon in a few months time to get my colour retouched and my hair cut again!


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