Labour Leadership: My Opinion

We now have the names of the leader and the deputy leader of the Labour party; Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson. Some say it’s now the Tom and Jerry show (although his name is Jeremy!) and hashtags are flying about saying “Jez we did it!”.

Labour have done it. With a landslide victory for Jeremy Corbyn, winning the votes (59.5%) in the first round. That is political history right there. He’s a “hard left” candidate and that’s what Labour needs, maybe? I must admit I haven’t been following the Labour Leadership, for many reasons. I’ve disengaged from it myself, but from the things I have been reading, Corbyn always seemed to be the favourite.

In politics, no age is right it seems. Corbyn is 66 years old. An “oldie” as many people I know have commented. It does not matter to me. It should not matter to others. Earlier in his speech, he mentioned young people and disillusionment, that made me sit up and listen. If he can help change young people’s engagement with politics then I’ll be listening intently.

I’m not a hard left political person, more of a centralist and I don’t know much about what Corbyn wants to put into place so I haven’t yet made my mind up about whether I am happy. Time will tell for me. Others have made their mind up with tweets of excitement and glee, others not so happy and bringing the feminist argument to the table. (And rightly so!).

But onto Tom Watson, the new deputy leader of the party. He gained his position as deputy leader in the third round gaining 50.7% of the vote. Not as much of a landslide but then again I wasn’t bothered about the deputy leader. I haven’t heard a lot about the deputy leaders unfortunately, which is why I can’t comment on how happy I am. Time will again tell on this one!

Whilst it has been a long road, full of many comments on aesthetics and whether people would be good for the job, we have seen the most popular people win. Maybe we need the “Tom and Jerry” show. Maybe. We shall see.

What do you think of the Labour Leadership result? 

Comment below.


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