Time Flies: A Reflection.


A short post, reflecting…

Yesterday I went to see my Grandma. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while or follow me on Twitter, then you will know that I haven’t seen my grandma since my 21st birthday back in May. Some of you may see this as “harsh”, but I have my reasons which she understood. I’ve been very busy this summer and I know I should have found time to go and see her. I’ve made a promise to go and see her every month and I’ll stick to it.

Anyway, this post is reflecting on the phrase “time flies”. Whilst I was at the care home, an old man said this to me and it stuck with me. I’ve heard the phrase so many times before, but this time it has made me think.

I remember being a little girl and having my grandma run around chasing me, she can’t walk without a three-wheeled trolley now. I can remember her smiling a lot and letting me sit on her lap. She still smiles but I can’t sit on her knee anymore. Being a little girl doesn’t seem long ago, but it is. It’s over 10 years ago. It’s now 10 years since my grandma’s accident.

It shows how fast the years are ticking by. My grandma still can’t believe that I am 21. Still can’t believe that I am at university and “still” studying. My younger sister will be 18 in the next two years too and that frightens me. It’s been 3 years since I met my partner. It’s been 5 years since I did my GCSE’s, 3 years since my A Levels. All of these things seem so recent, but they aren’t. They happened years ago and it’s scary.

Every time I walk into the care home, I get scared. Getting old frightens me. There I said it. I think it frightens a lot of people and many young people today aren’t fazed by it. They’ll be “young forever” in their minds. But we won’t be. Maybe I’ll be married soon and have children of my own. I’ll have a house, a career, a husband. And it’ll be coming soon. Sooner than I may think.

It’s nearly the end of 2015 already, nearly 2 years since starting my blog. I’ve been at university a year (even though I have three more years to go!). I doesn’t feel 2 minutes ago since I was counting down the end of 2014.

How time flies.


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  1. Yep! Time definately does fly – we say it all the time to the point where it almost has no meaning but it really does fly, you broke it down perfectly looking back at how long since doing your A-levels, starting blog, etc. I can’t quite believe I’m going into my final year, seems so recent that wI quit my job an started uni – that was 2 years ago, crazy!

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