Induction Week: BA Journalism.

This week I had my induction week for my BA Journalism course at the University of Sunderland. I’ve experienced an induction week before, last year, for my Social Work course, but this year, I had an induction week like no other! Here’s what happened!

On Monday, I was awake early to do the news bulletins. A nice 5am start if you ask me (as I prefer to do the morning bulletins). I must admit that I was excited, but when 11am came, I was a little nervous. I didn’t want to leave the confines of the news booth. I could see people queuing up outside to register for their courses and I started to feel scared and doubtful. I knew that induction week was going to be a test for me, as it had been the previous year, so I expected different emotions! I walked out and stood around awkwardly for a bit and then began talking to someone on my course! I’d met one person at least!

We lined up for registration (sounds like school!) and received our documents that we needed. In short, we had a presentation about the faculty, then lunch, where I met a few more people and then it was back in to listen to talks about the Media Hub at the university and of course our degree programmes. We received our module choice forms and I decided that I was going to pick my option again and that was that for Monday! I signed up for things at the Media Hub too and chose to join SR News (online), Spark (magazine and radio), Northern Lights and Fashion North.

Tuesday was another early start for me. News bulletins! At 11.30, it was time to meet our personal tutor and go into our tutor groups. We met our first year tutor, introduced ourselves (there aren’t many people on my course!) and then discussed our module choice. I picked Media Photography (the one I picked in the first place, before wanting to change!).

We then had a social in the afternoon to “mingle” with one another. We had a quiz, some food and some drinks, which was relaxing even though you couldn’t hear anything! It felt more informal and less pressured! It was indefinitely one of the best days!

Wednesday was different although I did cover the news bulletins in the morning! We had mini presentations on various aspects of the university. (I’d heard it all before, but it was refreshing and helpful to hear after having 4 months off!). We were then “let loose” for three hours as we didn’t have a personal tutorial (even though it was on the timetable!). My new friendship group and I just sat around talking to each other and had lunch before we headed to our Masterclass.

The masterclass was really informative as we got advice from students that had graduated from our courses. We also got some helpful tips and tricks which I will be putting into practice!

I also attended the annual Spark meeting to hear about the opportunities that they could offer. We did have a mishap but it was actually funny looking back now we knew the joke! I won’t spoil it but here’s the link.

Thursday was probably the best day of the week as I got to go to Beamish in the afternoon. In the morning, I had to go and get my campus card (which wasn’t there!) and then because we had 3 hours until we needed to be at university, me and my new friends decided to do a spot of shopping and have a bite to eat at Ed’s Easy Diner in Sunderland! (It was delicious!).

Then it was off to Beamish! (I’ll be doing a post on that later!).


Friday was an optional day in university, but me being me, I went in early to do an article for Fashion North in the Media Hub. Things didn’t work out as my log-in was being “silly” but I did manage to get the pictures that I needed for my article.

I went to a masterclass which was delivered by Lord David Puttnam. One of the most famous producers in film. He was not in the room though, he delivered the class from his home in America! We watched him on-screen and we even asked him questions. He could see us too which was very impressive. His next seminar is on British Film and Politics, which I can’t wait for!

And that was my induction week.

Have you gone back to university this week or had your induction week? 

How did it go?

Comment below!


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