Leading Lights: Day #4.

The final day of Leading Lights was upon me today. It was time to suit it and boot it! It was the end of the four-day journey and we had to think about what we were doing next. The day’s title was aptly named “…And next?”. We were back in the Business School at the University of Sunderland and it was another early start (but it was worth it!). 


To start the morning, we did a warm up which focused on leadership questions. We had to move to the agree, disagree or don’t know part of the room. It certainly got me thinking about leadership straight away. We were asked about whether we thought leaders were born not made and various other questions. Definitely a great way to start the morning!

We also did a task on what we thought made a good leader. We had to be as creative as possible. Here is what my group came up with!


Next, we had an amazing talk. One that actually encouraged me to speak up and share my ideas (something I don’t normally do in a lecture or seminar in university) and actually had me speechless at the end. Ian Kinnery who delivered the speech talked about the characteristics a person needs to be a good leader. It was an eye-opener. I am definitely using what he taught us and will always remember that I can and I will.

He also introduced us to this diagram. A very powerful illustration of where we should be as leaders.


We had a quick refreshment break and it was back onto the next part of the day. The “your next challenge” part. I was really eager to find out about the projects. We had a talk from Ian Carr, a principal lecturer at the University of Sunderland Business School. He talked to us about our next steps going forward and about the projects – one to do with Leading Lights and the other was around the Jobs and Volunteering Fair in February 2016. I couldn’t decide so I picked both!

We had lunch, but I volunteered to do a task and also had to write my graduation speech! I volunteered to give the final thoughts along with 3 other people so I had to find out what everyone’s thoughts were! It was really good to hear what everyone had learnt and what people were taking away from the course. I am definitely more business minded than I first thought for one!

We then did some feedback on the course and were split into the five different issues. My teams issue was promotion! My forte exactly so I definitely enjoyed this task!

The following task was very thought-provoking and helped me reflect on what I had gotten out of the course and what I hope to do in the future with what I’ve learnt. It’s fair to say that I have gotten a lot out of it and I hope to use my leadership skills in the future to maybe become a manager, an MP or even a business owner (who knows!). I’m keeping my options open!


Our “collective memories”.

The best part of the day came last, the graduation! I won’t spoil how we graduated because that was the fun of it, but it was a great ending!


The Leading Lights course has been the best experience of my university life so far! I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time, about myself. The buzz won’t be going away for a while that’s for sure. I see myself as a leader, but in a different way than I did on Monday. I know that I can lead individuals as I’ve proven that on the course and I’ve realised my strengths and the things I need to improve on.

I’d definitely recommend the course, so if you are reading this and haven’t done it yet then DO IT! It’s an amazing experience and one that is LIFE CHANGING!


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