Leading Lights: Day #3.

An early start this morning, something that many people dread. Not me, I was ready and raring to go for Day 3 of the Leading Lights course. Today was all about leading change and the theme certainly got me thinking!


We all started the morning in the Sunderland Minster cafe and brassiere with a bacon butty, cups of tea or coffee and other breakfast delights! After a long 2 days,  it was definitely needed to energise us! When they said it was challenging, they were right!

After the welcome talk in the church, we began the first activity which was called “lateral thinking”. In short, it’s creative thinking. Thinking out side of the box. We were divided into teams and were given a puzzle to do. We then had to move through other puzzles and quizzes quickly. We had to get everything correct before being able to move onto the next thing. The team who did the most would “win”.

It definitely led to competitiveness in the room and at the end of it, my team won! That left us with a buzz that carried on for everyone throughout the day!

Next was probably one of the most inspirational talks I have ever heard. We had the pleasure of listening to the Chief Executive of Acumen Social Enterprise, which allowed us to think about business and leadership in a different way. Her story was full of ups and downs but she told us the reality – that it happens and that its okay. She told us a lot of “home truths” and a lot of things that we should take with us into the world of work. I was left in awe after she finished speaking.


I’ve definitely thought about starting my own business and I think this reaffirmed that I want to do something socially enterprising, in the future. Be it as a business owner or as an employee.

We then had a refreshment break and were put into our “raid” groups. I found out that one of the members of the North East BIC group could not be there unfortunately, so I was able to take their place. I felt bad for this, but at the same time, I was eager to go because the brief we were given was right up my street!

In all honesty, going to the North East Business Innovation Centre was the highlight of my day and made Day 3 the best so far. I learnt so much in the few hours that we were there. One of the individuals took us on a tour around the site and it was absolutely amazing. There are over 150 businesses on site, who do different things and the centre helps them all. I gained a lot of business knowledge and it really got me thinking about doing postgraduate qualifications in PR and Marketing. Something I’d never thought of before.



We did complete our “raid” successfully, but I don’t want to go too much into it, as it is a worthwhile part of the course and I don’t want to spoil it for people who are thinking about the leading lights course now or in the future!

When we arrived back at the Minster, we did some feedback in our groups and produce a newspaper style presentation to show what we had learnt, what our raid was about and what feedback we had gotten from the organisation. All in all, the feedback was great!


Our creation!

After the closing statement, there was no scrambling to a table to put our names down on paper (PHEW!), instead we were asked to think about STOP, START and CONTINUE in terms of our own leadership. I thought about it on the way home and I’ll share it tomorrow!

I really can’t believe that Day 3 is over. I “graduate” from the programme tomorrow, but I don’t want it to be over! Check back tomorrow to find out about what happened on the 4th and final day!


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