What to wear for your first week of university?

Starting university as a fresher is a big deal. I know this from last year and I’m doing it again this year. It’s about making a great first impression, whatever course you are on – from journalism to bio-pharmaceutical science and everything in between.

When I went for my first day at university, my very first day… I wore a dress and some boots. Comfortable and still my style. But my style evolved throughout the year and I wanted to dress differently. You can go comfy, stylish or anything YOU want. Make it your own which is important.

In all honestly, people at university don’t really care what you dress in, as long as it isn’t your pyjamas, even though we all wish we could wear them!

I’ll be a fresher again in a few weeks time, so I’ll be having my first day at university again with new people. I normally shop at Primark for my clothing, so I can be trendy on a budget!

Here are a series of outfits that I’ve put together for my first week at university (take 2!).

If you want to know what I’m wearing and some of the prices then click the picture!


Monochrome 4 Monochrome 2

Monochrome 5 Monochrome 1









Monochrome is my favourite “go to” for an outfit because it’s simple. You can make an outfit look smart or comfortable or even both!

Pretty Patterns.

Monochrome 6 Pretty Patterns 1 Sophie-Sticated 2 Sophie-sticated 1









Patterns are a great way to make an outfit look interesting! They can help turn an outfit from “Plain Jane”! Again you can make an outfit look smart or you can throw some stripes on and create a relaxed look.

Bold and Bright. 

Bold and BrightBold and Bright 2 Bold and Bright 3









I love giving an outfit some pop! I don’t have a lot of bright things in my wardrobe but I do like wearing bold and bright colours! My black skinny jeans are my favourite piece of clothing. I can dress them up and dress them down! A white pair of skinny jeans is great too!

Dress It Up. 

Comfortable Chic 1 Dress It Up 1









You wouldn’t normally see me in a dress, but sometimes I do like to “dress it up” or wear a skirt to look a bit smarter! I like to keep it simple with blocked out colours and some heels.

Comfortable Chic. 

Comfortable Chic 3 Comfortable Chic 2









Being comfortable is really important for me on the days when I want to relax. I either wear my “boyfriend jeans” or my cigarette trousers and some pumps.



This is probably one of the outfits I feel most comfortable in. It’s sophie-sticated because it’s something that I can dress up or down. In this picture I’ve dressed it down so I feel more comfortable but I can wear boots, sandals or ballet pumps. It’s a very versatile outfit.

What are you thinking about wearing for your first week at university?

If you are already at university or have completed university hat did you wear for your first week?

Comment below!


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