Stationery Haul!

If you are anything like me, you’ll love watching or reading about new stationery!

I’ve never done a haul post before, but since it’s time for me to go back to university soon, I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and do a haul post (video will be coming on my YouTube channel soon!).

University is about a new starts and new beginnings, even if you are a continuing student. Buying fresh new stationery can make you feel ready to go back to those 9am lectures and sleepless nights trying to finish of those essays a day before the deadline.

              Side Note: I love early morning lectures and I always make sure I do my essays well in advance of the deadline!).

I also want to point out that it is perfectly okay to re-use your old stationery. It is really fun to pick off sticky labels from folders or is that just me?

Here is all of my stationery for September (note: some of this is being re-used and some stuff is new!).

Stationery Haul

P.s. I forgot to add my colour fine-liners in the picture!

I am obsessed with colours and stationery which is why there is a lot there! Please don’t think that you need to buy a lot! You can go through the basics and expand your stationery throughout the first semester if YOU want to! I just like to be prepared! (Silly OCD!).

So what new things did I buy to go back to university in September as a journalism student?

From Ryman Stationery:


Neon writing pad x4 – £1.49 each.

A4 file dividers x3 – £2.49 – £2.99 each.

Langham Diary – Day to Page – £8.99.

Langham Diary – 2 days to Page – £7.99.

Signo Uni Ball Gel Ink Pens – £5.99.

Ryman Assorted Ball Point Pens – £1.99.

Bic Dry Wipe Markers – £6.99.

Black Pencil Case – £2.99.

Address Labels – £2.99.

Post It Markers – £4.49.

Tab Highlighters – £3.99.

Display Book – £9.99.

Pack of 3 Shorthand Pads – £1.99.

Sketch Book – £1.99.

Paper Clips – £1.59.

Revision Cards – £1.99.

Pack of 5 Erasers – £1.49.

From WH Smith:


Sharpies Markers – £5.99 and £16.99 (Electro Pop).

HB Pencils – £2.99.

Black Fine-liners – £4.99.

Page Markers x3 – 75p each.

Gluestick – £1.49.

Clipboards – A4 and A5 – £1.99 – £2.49 each.

WH Smith 100 poly pockets – £3.49.

From Maplin:


Portable Hard-Drive – £54.99.

From Debenhams:


Backpack – £20.

Striped Shoulder Bag – £32.

I couldn’t decide which bag I wanted so I bought both!

Here are the bits of stationery that I am re-using this year to save money!


I got most of these things from Ryman’s, Asda or Sainsbury’s. But you can get your stationery from anywhere. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be practical.

Prices were correct at the time of writing.

Ryman Stationery and WH Smith are my favourite places for stationery as you can probably guess!

Where do you like to go to buy your stationery?


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