Depaul Internship: Day 1.

Today was the first day of my Depaul UK internship which I am doing through the University of Sunderland Summer Internship Scheme (find details here).

I got up stupidly early…5AM to be exact! I wanted to test the waters and be there early. It’s better than being late after all! I made my own lunch for the first time in months too, which felt really good. I was used to Greggs and Starbucks at university, but alas no more!

I skipped out of my flat (probably a little too enthusiastically for 7.30AM) and off I went on my two-hour journey to the seaside town of Whitley Bay. The train journey felt arduous. I had to switch trains and wait for trains…it felt like I would never get there. Perhaps that’s why it’s called Monday Morning Blues? But anyway at 9AM I reached my destination. Well the train station that is. It was another 10 minute walk before I reached my internship!

I was greeted well by my mentor and again I skipped up to the office where I would be working. I was early, too early as I didn’t start till 9.30am. Better to be enthusiastic and early, than lethargic and late, right? I was assigned to my desk, which will be mine for a month! A bright orange chair and a tidy desk will do me fine!

Then it was down to work. I had my induction around the building and I met some of my colleagues.

Lots of ‘Hi, my name is Sophie’s’ later, it was time to read up on the policies and procedures of the organisation. Some people may think this is a boring task. Not me. I enjoyed reading about how the organisation operates. It’s important for me as I’m the communications intern (that’s my title in short!), so I need to know how the organisation is structured to be able to communicate with people effectively.

Next, I got down to the nitty-gritty of my work. The communications part. I was asked to develop a social media strategy for the organisation. I looked at their Facebook and Twitter and then I set up an Instagram and a WordPress blog for them. I sent out their first Instagram post and their first blog post which felt really rewarding. It was really fun to do as I enjoy doing it myself. After 3 hours of work, it was complete and it was on to the next task.

I then introduced myself via email to everyone in the North East who works with Depaul UK! I got a few replies back which was really nice, but only a few!

My second to last task of the day was to look for updates in the realm of youth homelessness. I did some research and found some interesting news articles and a report so I shared them on the Facebook page and on the Twitter account. I love research!

The last task was to compile a list of questions that I could potentially use to interview clients of the service. It would be an article that could be posted on the organisation’s new blog and could be sent out to supporters etc. I did some researching on the types of questions I could ask and within half an hour, I had that task completed too!

At 4.30, it was time to go home. Back tomorrow though to do some fundraising strategy work, which I’m looking forward to as it is something I definitely haven’t done before!

I’ll be doing a weekly blog of my internship after this and I’ll also be doing a weekly video blog so look out for that on my Youtube Channel!



  1. I found this is a really interesting post, not something I’d usually read but it’s intriguing to look at how those kind of things work. Love the post!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂


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