Media Hub Internship: Day 1.

Today I had the opportunity to do an internship day with the University of Sunderland Media Hub. The Media Hub is the place where all of the University of Sunderland student ran publications and shows are produced. It holds SR News, Fashion North, Northern Lights, Sportsbyte, Spark FM.

I was really nervous (as usual) this morning, but I was really looking forward to it. It was a 10am start, which is pretty early for a student in the summer time, but not for me! I’ve never stopped since I finished university back in May! But I love being busy! I did a few short video recordings before I left, to put in my internships video blog, which I’ll be editing over the weekend!

I was there before 10AM, but I made my way to the Media Hub in time to meet my lovely mentor for the day, Violeta (who has been amazing today!). I was asked what I wanted to do in the Media Hub come September and although I’d done my research and had an idea, once it came to being asked I clammed up! I wanted to do everything, which of course is not possible.

When we reached the top floor where all the magic happens…I was in awe. The place was amazing! I felt like I was in a real newsroom. I quickly sat down in a spot on the SR News table, but I didn’t stay there for long! I showed Violeta my blog and we talked about it and picked out an article that I could write. I started writing an article on women in politics as this is a particular interest of mine. I was only expecting to be watching and observing the ‘professionals’ today, but I was wrong!

Then all of a sudden, lots of jobs came flying in. It was of course the announcement of the summer budget from George Osborne (which I’ll be doing an opinion post about this weekend) and I was asked to write an article on it. I sat for an hour and watched the announcements unfold, furiously scribbling things down. I wrote 8 double-sided pages down! I can’t wait to learn short hand though, because my hand hurt and I couldn’t get everything down I needed. Practice makes perfect however so maybe next time!

It was then time to write the article. I didn’t know where to start to tell you the truth. I’m not a journalism student until September so I wasn’t familiar with the ‘house style’ of SR News. I quickly found my way and after nearly 5 hours, I’d finished the article. I took a break in between as I was given the chance to help out with a radio package for Spark FM. Not everything went to plan, but it turned out alright. I definitely learnt some things out of it – I now know what surplus and deficit mean!

At 6pm, I eventually finished the article. A 500 word piece in the correct style at last.  I got a lot of help adding the images and embedding things, but I was grateful because I want to volunteer with SR News in September (for sure).  I received some great tips and tricks which I can put into good use too. (Here is the finished article if you’d like to take a look – click here).

I really enjoyed my day today and I even got asked to come in to help for the rest of the week! It’s given me some great experience into journalism and I have proved to myself and hopefully others that I can do it! Stay tuned for another update tomorrow and Friday, as I’m sure I’ll have as much fun as I did today!


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