Why I became Buddhist.

I’m a Buddhist, as you probably will have gathered by the title. Buddhism is a common ‘way of life’ or ‘religion’ within the East, however a few centuries ago it moved over to the West; becoming dominant. I became a Buddhist in 2011. I was a Christian and had been since I had been baptised. I was brought up in a Church of England household. I went to church, I attended church youth groups and I was confirmed at the age of 14. But then something changed. I became disillusioned with the church at age 18. I don’t know why, something just clicked.

I began researching for alternatives. I am a religious person and I always will be, I didn’t want to deviate away from that. After a few hours of research, I delved into the world of Buddhism. I had been influenced by some friends of mine who were also Buddhists, so I asked them too. I was really intrigued by the way of life and I felt like the beliefs of Buddhist’s were close to my own and they matched the morals that I have in life. I’m a highly moralistic person. I keep to my morals strictly. Having this along with Buddhism allows me to maintain my self-discipline.

I feel like I belonged to something too. I belonged to the church, but this feeling was different. I had meditated before becoming a Buddhist but I felt that I had a better connection with life. It seems philosophical, but it’s not. I felt closer to people, although with Buddhism attachment is a cause of suffering. (If you want to read more into this then there are a lot of websites and books out there!).

I felt like I could be flexible. I’m not a strict Buddhist, but I do try to stick to the way of life. I don’t feel tied down and I don’t feel like I have to use it as an outright excuse because it is part of my belief system. I can exercise it. I also feel that I can have my own beliefs outside of Buddhism. I don’t agree with some of Buddhism. I didn’t agree with some of the Christian beliefs. You don’t have to fully agree which is a benefit I guess. I’ve become a much better person since becoming a Buddhist. I was completely different, but I don’t let it rule my decisions. I still have my choice and free will. I feel that I can be myself.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Are you a Buddhist? Let me know below!



  1. Laura · · Reply

    I am Buddhist, although some areas I am not strict with. I follow the teachings and ideas as best as I can, but with my own take on it. For example I don’t do things just because that’s what Buddhists do; I do things that I believe will benefit others and make me a better person. For me, learning to meditate and focus on the positives in life have really made me a happier person. Focussing on other people really makes a difference to my world. I stumbled across Buddhism when I was doing my teaching degree in the UK. As part of my course we visited a NKT temple and I was just blown away. I joined in with the meditation taster (even with my peers sniggering through out) and had an amazing feeling of calm that I had never experienced before. From then on I wanted to find out more. I am hoping to write more posts about Buddhism on my blog if you’re interested 🙂

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    1. Great! I agree with you, meditation really helps a lot. I’d love to visit a temple! I’d be interested of course!

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