Radio Training: Phase 2.

Yesterday I had Phase 2 of my radio training. Unfortunately I wasn’t well due to a recent chest infection, but I tried to be a part of it as much as I could. This session was as relaxed as the last one, with a few more giggles of course. (Which didn’t help my chest!).

We carried on from the previous training and learnt about presenting techniques and software issues. We talked about being confident and just having a go. We were told to expect that ‘things would go wrong when we were live on the radio’. Going in with that expectation would help us, because we would expect it. An excellent tip!

We then moved onto vox-pops. Wayne said it meant ‘voice of the people’ (sounds like a posh radio term to me!). We learnt the five steps to record vox-pops, which were smile, learn to take rejection, listen carefully to what people say, ask open questions and speak to a variety of people. We had a lengthy discussion on these. This is a tool that I want to use in my radio podcast, so it was really helpful.

We were given some homework too (feels like university…), but I won’t let you into that yet…you’ll have to wait and see. All will be revealed soon.

After the buzz of ‘homework’ wore off, we had a brief talk about outside broadcasts, but we skimmed over most of it, because it wasn’t relevant. It was still interesting to learn about!

The last thing we talked about was scripting and writing for radio. We learnt a great tool for writing and scripting which was to use a storyboard. We could draw out what we wanted to say on the show and go from there. If we didn’t want to do that then we could use a mind map. I personally prefer to use a proposal format. I like to write everything out in detail, rather than briefly.

But everyone works differently and that’s the beauty of this training. I felt like it worked for everyone! It has definitely helped me! Keep your eyes peeled as I may be a presenter on the Mentally Sound Radio Show in a few months time!


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