The Gift of Giving: #CarersWeek.

Today has been the first day of Carers Week and what a success it has been for me and many other carers already. 6.25AM this morning saw me on BBC Breakfast News, talking about my caring experience and university. I haven’t seen the interview yet, but I know it made a lot of people talk and recognise me! It’s good to know people are talking, not only about me but about carers. It also saw me being asked many questions on Twitter and being congratulated and thanked. In all honesty, I’m just doing what I do naturally and that’s caring for other people! I love raising awareness too, so that goes hand in hand with my personality.

My phone did not stop ringing all morning and tweets, texts and Facebook messages came flying in. I wasn’t expecting a lot from the interview, because it’s just me. I’m just one carer out of many in the UK. I even received this wonderful poem from a friend of mine – an international poet – Jules Clare.


Congratulations and jubilation
I want the whole world to know
that Sophie’s expressed her views to the Nation
Go Girl Go!

A fashionable eye piece wearer
Talking about the ups and downs of Carers
BBC Breakfast News was really enlightened
Pride in Sophie well and truly heightened

A Social Work student
with views that are prudent
A budding fresh faced Journalist 
capable of giving Ann Robinson a slap on the wrist

A forthcoming future MP
Her compassionate conviction obvious to see
She’s impressed Gareth, she’s astounded me
She’s Mentally Sound and that’s the way it should be

I give you heart-felt praise, Sophie
Release that adrenaline, set your emotions free
Don’t just celebrate with a cup of herbal tea
Have a glass of champagne with Carol and me!

Copyright – The Jewelster – Jules Clare – 08/06/2015

Jules said: ‘Sophie has just been on The BBC Breakfast News this morning talking about Carers.So I have quickly written this congratulations ditty’. 

You can read more of Jules’ poems here on his blog:

How lovely of him to say! I wasn’t expecting that at all. My piece on the TV was shown a few more times apparently, because every hour more messages would arrive. I could get used to it but at the same time it was a bit embarrassing having to explain that I wasn’t my best when it was being interviewed yesterday (7th June), because I’m recovering from a chest infection.

I also had another job to do today which was to go to my local Sainsbury’s and have a stall to raise awareness of Carers Week. Despite being unwell, I knew I had to do it because I’m passionate about carers and making a difference. I’m a carer so I won’t let a chest infection stop me! I’m more resilient than that!

I got a taxi to the supermarket, which was probably a bad thing because as soon as I got in the car, the driver recognised me. We got talking about me being a carer and it was nice to hear that he understood. Not as bad as I thought after all then. It was refreshing to hear that I had come across well in my interview and it definitely gave me a confidence boost!

When I got to the supermarket I was greeted wonderfully and then it was time to set up my stall…or so I thought. I was whisked away and was told that I needed to attend a photo-call. In non-journalist terms; I needed to get my photo taken professionally with Sainsbury’s staff to promote Carers Week (first and foremost in my opinion) and the store. It was an enjoyable experience, but I didn’t look my best because I really couldn’t be bothered to jump up and down for the camera. At least I tried. The photographer said the pictures would be sent to the local media, so watch this space!

I was then able to set up my Carers UK stall, which ended up looking like this!


I sat there for 5 and a half hours, saying ‘thank you’ umpteen times. I got noticed a lot and I even asked if I was a ‘local celebrity’. People noticed me because of my hat and my glasses. They’ll be coming off tomorrow! Even the strong ones have to fall unfortunately and I had to come home, for personal reasons and to be honest, I didn’t feel well either. I managed to raise around £50 today and I’ll be back on Wednesday hopefully. I left the stall looking a little bit like this!

wpid-img_20150608_142924284_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20150608_095043507_hdr.jpg

It’s been a really great day for me! I’ve been asked to blog for more organisations and I’m pushing even harder to get into Parliament so I can speak to MP’s and address the government about carers. As Jules said, I’d love to be an MP someday so this will help! Lets hope tomorrow is even better. I have an article going up on Buzzfeed hopefully, fingers crossed.

Now I’m going to put my feet up and relax with some Lemsip for my throat and chest. Thank you for all of your support today!


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