Get to know me…

It’s my 200th blog post! Something I never thought I’d be able to say. When I started blogging, I didn’t think it would consume myself this much. I love blogging and I love writing and sharing my views and experiences. It’s taken me nearly two years to get where I am and I must admit I was nervous about starting this blog in the first place. I only added a picture a few months ago. My blog has evolved so much since 2013, when I first started and it’ll be evolving again in September as I start to blog about my journey on the journalism course I’ll be commencing. To mark the occasion of reaching 200 posts, I thought I’d write a little post to help you readers get to know me! I already have an ‘About Me’ page, but I thought I’d give you all some more facts about me!

#1 – I love Marmite – on toast, as a drink, in crisp form! I’ve even tried Marmite chocolate.

#2 – I love cuddly toys…even at the age of 21.

#3 – I am fascinated by neurology (the study of the brain) and by physics.

#4 – I love Stephen Hawking. He’s one of my biggest inspirations. I’d love to meet him but I wouldn’t know what to say!

#5 – I really enjoy action films – especially ones that involve the 2 world wars.

#6 – I’m quite a sarcastic person – but I never mean it!

#7 – I’m really not a confident person, even though I may look it.

#8 – It takes me approximately 2 hours to get ready in the morning.

#9 – I have a secret obsession with Radio 4. (Not so secret now!).

#10 – I’ve been on the TV twice – once on the news and once with Robson Green.

#11 – I love WWE, for non-wrestling fans – that’s World Wrestling Entertainment.

#12 – I’m actually known as a proportionate dwarf.

#13 – I love dogs.

#14 – I don’t like the sound of anything metal rubbing together – like swords or cutlery. It makes me shake!

#15 – If I could have any superpower I would communicate with animals. I cry when any animal is hurt.


I hope you don’t think I’m too quirky after this, everyone’s different!



  1. Difference is awesome.

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  2. Congrats for your 200th post 🙂

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