Course Decision.

I’ve finally decided what course I’m transferring to in September. I’ll cut the long story short and say that I’m going to be a BA Honours Journalism student. I’ll be starting from Year 1 and I’ll be graduating in 2018. But to be honest, I’m not bothered at all about it anymore. Many moon’s ago (back in 2011), I applied for Journalism as I’ve told you all before and I just wasn’t ready. This time, it seems that I am ready.

I’m feeling optimistic for September as I’ll be doing a course that I know I’ll enjoy. I love writing, listening to people’s stories, listening to the radio and I love reading newspapers and magazines. I picked my optional module today too, which was a fun experience! There was a lot to choose from but I ended up picking something that will add another string to my bow. I’ll still be studying at the same university, but I’ll be on a different campus! The campus is really compact and the building that I’ll be in is absolutely amazing!

There will also be lots of opportunities for me to make contacts, listen to guest speakers and get some more experience (not that I need any more really!). We have a radio station, various magazines and online websites where we can publish our work, which is a great opportunity and something I’ll definitely get involved in! I’d rather throw myself into my new course and university life, just as I have done for the past year. I’m going to apply to be a Lives Online Blogger so I can add another string to my bow. It’s focused a lot more on video logging, which is something I haven’t done, so it’ll be a challenge for me and a huge confidence boost.

I’ll tell you a little bit about the first year of my course. I have to do some things in my course as these are essential for journalism students. I have 5 core modules to complete and one optional module, which I chose today.

In Semester 1, so from September to December I will do two modules:

  • Introduction to News, Magazine and Sports Journalism (A). (CORE)
  • Writing and Research for Journalism and PR. (CORE).

It won’t be a relaxing semester I assure you, even though it looks like it. I’ll have to learn shorthand, Tee-line shorthand to be exact as I have to do the National Council of Training for Journalist’s National Diploma in order to become a journalist. But I’ll update you all on this too come September. I also have to get to grips with various photo and video editing software! Though I’ll be watching YouTube videos over the summer to help me! I’d rather read ahead and get a head start!

In Semester 2, from January 2016 till this time next year, I’ll be doing four modules, including my option module:

  • Introduction to News, Magazine and Sports Journalism (B) (CORE)
  • Critical Issues in Journalism and PR. (CORE)
  • Online Video Journalism. (CORE)
  • Introduction to Media Photography. (OPTION)

If I don’t get my option module then I’ll be studying Introduction to Social Media as my option module, as I chose it as my second choice. If I don’t get my second choice module then I picked to do Introduction to Fashion Journalism. (It’s something different!).

There is a mix of assessments so I’ll get to do assignments, exams and practical portfolio things, so it’s a nice balance. I also do a placement in the last year, but that is ages away and I’ll be better than I am now in terms of my mental health. I’m really excited for starting but at the same time I’m a little nervous. I’ll be classed as a mature student (even though I’m only 21 and I certainly don’t feel old! But I am mature so!).

I’m not buying any books this time too, as right now I have 23 Social Work books to sell somehow! I’ll be borrowing from the library and since I’ve already done a year of university, I will be familiar with how everything works. I know some tips and tricks that I can use, which I won’t be giving away too easily!

So there we have it, I can officially change everything to studying Journalism. I finish my social work course next week after completing an assignment and presenting a presentation so I’ll be reflecting on that in the coming weeks. So I can relax over the summer for a while and then I’ll be doing some studying before I start in September!

Also I’d like to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog that has supported me over the past few weeks, it is appreciated!





  1. Excellent news, well done. 🙂 If you haven’t sold any of the social work books come September time and I find out early enough which books are recommended at Northumbria and the ones you have are ones I need, I will buy them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Paul! Big thank you to you for helping me through this! I know I don’t know you! And thank you. You should be able to email Northumbria and they should tell you. 🙂


      1. Thanks are not necessary. I just want to put my experiences to good use and try and ensure others don’t go through as many years of unnecessary difficulty as I did.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 🙂 you’ll make a good social worker then! Hope my blog has helped you.


      3. I hope so. Yes it has. You are an inspiring individual. Keep it up.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You will be. And thank you and I will. 🙂


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