Taking the Step…

My mental health journey to recovery has not been as smooth as I’d hoped lately and I’ve been told many times by people at the university to go and see the GP. I was diagnosed as having OCD and Anxiety by a therapist but for some that isn’t enough. I’ve been told that I need a formal diagnosis. So after everything that has happened lately with changing courses I’ve finally taken the step to book an appointment with my GP.

I can tell you that it wasn’t an easy thing to do. It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life. It really was a big decision. I’ve heard the bad things about going to your GP with mental health problems. I’ve also heard the good things too. I don’t want to end up going to doctor after doctor, just to get an affirmed diagnosis. I want help to get better so my mental health doesn’t hold me back as much as I let it sometimes.

It was hard to admit on the phone that I needed to see a doctor about my mental health. I was open about it from the start, even though the receptionist didn’t ask why I needed an appointment. I was really anxious on the phone, but I got an appointment for tomorrow. (Monday).

The difficult part comes tomorrow when I have to talk about my difficulties. I find it difficult to put them at the front of my mind, as I normally use techniques to push them away. I’ll have to tell them about my past, my therapy and what I’m doing to get better. I don’t want anything to hinder this formal diagnosis, because I want confirmation that what I’m experiencing is what the therapist said it was attributable to.

I am really anxious for tomorrow and I’m worried about the stigma that mental health brings with it. But I know that it has to be done. At least I’ll know what I have or have a reaffirmation that I have anxiety and OCD and know how to take steps forward.

What are your experiences? Any tips?



  1. My experiences have been very mixed over the years. But fortunately things regarding mental health have improved some what since my early teens. I don’t really have any tips, other than to say that you need to be honest about what has been going on, don’t hide anything for fear of fear or embarassment or whatever. The path to recovery begins with being able to verbalise to others the thoughts/feelings/things that have concerned you.


    1. Thank you for the tips. 🙂


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