Mental Health and Exercise. #TriggerWarning

I’ve been on a mission recently, to see if exercise will help with my anxiety and my OCD. I’ve heard that exercise helps and I wanted to give myself a goal. I already meditate and I try to focus on my seven chakras too. But this time I wanted to try something different.

Last semester, I got the campus bus a lot, ate a lot of junk food and unhealthy snacks and I noticed that my anxiety and OCD was a lot worse. I know that this had something to do with my lifestyle. This semester I changed that. I walk everywhere I can and am eating a lot healthier too. I also got a gym membership and bought some exercise equipment too.

Having other things to focus on has kept my mind of other things. I haven’t been triggered as much by my anxiety and OCD. I’ve focused on keeping myself well physically, which has helped to keep myself well mentally. It definitely has its benefits.

Exercise has helped me have a goal, has increased my mood (even though it’s hard work at the gym!) and has boosted my confidence and self-esteem. I set myself little goals during the week and longer term goals too, that way I have a sense of achievement and am more motivated. I can concentrate better and am even more focused. My sleeping has improved, as before I’d be up for hours at night, worrying. Now, I am able to sleep well.

I exercise 3 times a week, doing aerobics and cardio but I’m trying to incorporate yoga too, as I’ve tried it a few times and I feel better after it. Dancing around my room helps too! I do whatever I enjoy and whatever I want to do that day. It gives me the control I want and need.

Exercise may not work for everyone, but it has helped me get better. I will eventually be 100% myself again even though that’s a long way off, but with this, I’ve seen a change for the better.

I have another commitment, which I’m focused on. I feel that the more commitments I have, the less time I spend thinking about my triggers. I just ‘get on’ with it. It will definitely be a long-term thing, because if something changes you for the better, then that’s a good thing!

If anyone wants to know what I do at the gym or at home, then contact me!



  1. I found it useful and a terrific stress buster, along with my listening to a few choice albums which I use when feeling particular ways


    1. It’s brilliant! 🙂 and I agree. Music helps me a lot too.


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