Hiding your problems. #TriggerWarning.

We all keep things to ourselves. We have things that we only want ourselves to know. We hide our feelings and our thoughts. Sometimes people notice, but others don’t. I was told this week, that I was good at hiding my mental health problems. That I was good at hiding my anxiety and OCD until I told people. Some people don’t believe me when I say I have mental health problems. Is it because they are invisible? Is it because I’ve gotten so good at putting a front on? Is it because I don’t really have mental health problems?

The last one is completely untrue.

When I tell people, it sometimes sounds like what I say needs to be legitimized. Ill mental health isn’t something to joke about. I wouldn’t dream of doing it. Why would I? It’s horrible having anxiety and OCD. It consumes your life.  It feels like they don’t believe that I’m saying because they can’t see it. Mental health problems are invisible, unless they manifest into physical behaviours, like hand-washing and panic attacks. I try not to hand-wash and show my anxiety, so is that why people think that I don’t have mental health problems? Is it because it isn’t like a cast on a broken leg? Or is it something deeper? 

You can do an x-ray on someone with a broken bone, but it isn’t that simple with mental health. It’s your word mostly. Others may not have noticed, because you hide it. Ill mental health can be hidden, but I don’t recommend it. I can’t keep it hidden all of the time. I just do it because of the stigma.

People have a stereotype of people with mental health problems. Ill mental health is abnormal. It doesn’t fit with society. We all have mental health, but not everyone has anxiety, or OCD (although people will debate this) or other mental health problems. Some may even argue that ill mental health is a social construct. That we wanted to create a hierarchy of groups. People with mental health problems aren’t equal and we are labelled and stigmatised. I want to be normal so I hide my mental health problems. I tried to do this on my university course, but now I know it wasn’t the right thing to do.

It really is better to tell people about your mental health problems. Keeping them bottled up will only make them worse, I assure you. There is always going to be stigma around mental health problems, although we are trying to lessen it. I went into crisis very quickly. If I’d told someone, then I would not have gotten to that point. I wouldn’t want others to end up like I did. So tell people, it’s easier than keeping your mental health problems hidden.

It is not easy, I know. But you can do it. It will take time, but bit by bit you can tell people. Everyone has labels, everyone is stigmatised in some way or another. Ill mental health has strong connotations, but some people can feel empowered by their mental health problems, perhaps as I am. Maybe you can get to that point too.

Think to yourself, would you rather be a bottle of pop with the lid on or off?



  1. primusgamereviews · · Reply

    Hmm I think everybody has a degree of stress in their lives. Now how that stress is exercised by their mind dictates how that person will react: worry about the future- anxiety, give too much attention to the now, to make it perfect. I do agree that not everybody had OCD, or anxiety, but I do however, say that we all have certain reactions to stress in life that can lean towards these categories. I will say this playing the victim to OCD and anxiety make you feel worse- I should know..

    The unfair part of telling people your problems is that they judge you for it- insane, abnormal.etc. Well the thing is nobody is ‘normal’. We are all unique. I say your best bet is to tell the people you trust the most, and hope for the best.

    A suggestion: If your prone to anxiety then find a release for your energy- the Eastern culture developed yoga to ground themselves. Bioenergetics has also really helped me. An improved posture allows efficient energy flow in he body. Also walk. Walking is the most therapeutic and relaxing exercise that is first nature to us. Walk everyday and you will see the difference, trust me I also have anxiety, but it is no longer the center of my being- I control it, not the other way around.


    1. I agree that everyone has stress in their lives and I agree. I don’t think people ‘play the victim’ at all, but I understand your point. I agree with everything you say.

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  2. primusgamereviews · · Reply

    Thank you! Sorry if I came off a little harsh! I was just trying to explain that we all have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves. We should not feel alone (that’s why I said ‘play the victim’), we all should realize that everyone has tough situations and even similar scenarios in life to deal with. Yes, every scenario is specific to an individual, but that doesn’t mean ‘life hate’s you,’ it just means your in the thick part of this jungle called life and you just need to put some effort to get into the clear. (I hope that kinda made sense!)


      1. primusgamereviews · ·

        Phew, that’s a relief!

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