My political journey to the General Election 2015.

The General Election is fast approaching and I am really looking forward to it! The 7th of May cannot come quick enough for me. You may think that I am naive, but I want to have a say in who runs the country that I live in.

In 2010, I was 16, I was not old enough to vote. I didn’t really understand politics at that age anyway, so I wasn’t really interested. But when I reached college, politics was mentioned on my course and this sparked an interest with me. I became interested in the different parties and their beliefs and wanted to find out about what they stood for.

As soon as I reached 18, I knew that I wanted to vote in the next general election, which is this year. I had a little bit more understanding of politics and considered myself a centralist. A quiz told me this, rather than me doing the research myself, but I agreed with what the quiz told me so that was that. For the next two years I stated that I supported one particular party. People would call me naive and said that it didn’t make sense why. I didn’t understand so I did more research.

Before I started my university course, you could say that I had developed a passion for politics. I saw myself as an MP and as a person who could run the country one day. I did some more reading into the different parties, into their ideologies and decided not to affiliate myself with one party, until I knew for sure where I stood. I knew that I’d be doing a module in social policy, which is to do with politics so I waited until so I could learn more! You know me, I’m always willing to learn!

Then the politics module came. I did some reading into ideology, into the different political parties not just ‘the main three’ and looked into the left-right wing line to put it simply. I then understood where I was. I am more of a left-wing person I’d say and am more of a libertarian than an authoritarian. If you aren’t sure what I mean then type the words into Google! I follow politics everyday now and have gradually become in love with it. Sometimes I even wish that I had went to study it as a degree. (I wish I could study everything to be honest!).

My political journey has started and I have a long way to go, especially if I want to become prime minister someday…who knows! I would love to lobby and I would love to sit in Parliament and tell the ‘big guys and girls’ what it’s like living on the ground, at the bottom. I’d be common as muck but I think that is what this country needs. A person that understand’s what it is like to come from a poor background. I know what I’d have in my manifesto for sure! Just watch this space!



  1. What an interesting topic! I can’t wait to vote either, i’m all for women and young people having a say in who runs their government. I always feel young people are ignored, the issues and future of our country affects US! I can’t wait to see what happens in May and to read all your thoughts about the journey 🙂
    Em xxx

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I agree and I can’t wait either and thanks!


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