10 Tips for Revision!

It’s exam time soon for us university students, for A Level students and for GCSE students. It’s a difficult time, with a lot of stress, sleepless nights and lots of paper, pens and highlighters. We can’t get away from exams, especially the ones that we have to be able to do from memory. On Wednesday, I have my first ‘proper’ exam, since I did my A Levels, which was back in 2012. I have to remember the content as well as all of my references. Not easy, I assure you. Here are some of my handy and helpful revision tips to get you through the exam period!

1. Re-read and re-write your notes over and over, that way you’ll be able to test how much you remember!

2. Use flashcards or mind-maps. Write some brief bullet points on them and try to remember them. You can get another person to test you or you can test yourself, which ever you prefer.

My flashcards for my exam!

My flashcards for my exam!

3. Highlight your notes! You should highlight key terms that you need to remember. You could even make yourself a key to categorise things, which is always helpful.

4. Draw pictures to remember certain words. For example when I write about religion in my notes – I draw a cross next to it, or when I am talking about population growth, I draw lots of little stick men, with an arrow pointing up.

5. Record yourself reading your notes. I tried this for my exam and it didn’t work unfortunately. If you have a phone or even a dictaphone you can do this and then listen to yourself.

6. Get a study buddy! This is really helpful if you want to test each other’s knowledge and you can share tips on how you revise. It can help you find a more effective way of revising.

7. Take breaks. This is really important. If you don’t take a break then the information won’t have time to settle and you’ll just bombard yourself with information. With this, also comes healthy eating and getting enough sleep. Essential before the exam!

8. Create a study timetable, especially if you have to revise more than one thing. Put dates and times into your diary to give you a structure.

9. Do not worry. This has so many negative effects on the body. I know that it is easier said than done, but the more you worry, the more stressed you will be…you know the story.

10. When the exam is over – do not look at your notes. You will only feel nostalgic and think ‘I didn’t remember this or remember that’. No-one is perfect. Also if you can, try not to discuss the exam with others straight away. This is something I am refraining from doing, as it will only make my anxiety worse!



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