What to do if university is not for you…

University is not for everyone. It was not for me at 18. It isn’t for many people. University is never the right thing for some people. Let me start by staying that it is okay. You are your own person, you can make your own decisions and choices in life.

You may feel that the course is not for you, you may not be able to settle in or you may just think that it doesn’t feel right. Let me assure you that this goes through everyone’s minds. It has went through my head a few times. You are not alone. I went through the same thing at the age of 18. I wasn’t ready for university, didn’t think the course was right for me and I knew I wouldn’t settle in as I decided that I wanted to stay at home. This feeling can last for a while. It can come and go too. You have to be sure that university is not right for you though.

It is important to think about your decision. What will the consequences be? Are you rushing into things?. These are just some questions to think about. Do you have a back-up plan – such as a job? What will family and friends say? (This is important for me, but might not be for others). You need to weigh up your options and think about the pros and cons. Writing a list may help to iron things out. If your mind is already made up, then think about it one more time. It is a big decision and one that should not be taken so lightly. I remembering thinking to and fro about my decision.

Asking friends and family is also a good thing to do. Speaking to lecturers will help give you a balanced view. Ask them what they would do in the situation and how they would feel about your decision. Put as much ‘weight’ on this as you like. Listen to them wholeheartedly, consider their views or disregard them altogether. It is entirely up to you.

Just make the decision that is right for you. Leaving university is not an easy decision (for most), but it might be the right thing to do at the moment. But please just think, before you act. Because, once you leave, you may not be able to go back!


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