Mothers Day.

Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other females in our lives will be admired on March 15th 2015 for Mothering Sunday. The day of the year where we say thanks to the ladies that have inspired us and taken care of us, through thick and thin. I thank the females in my life everyday if I can. But I  make sure that they know how I feel about them. I have three inspirations in my life – my mother, my grandmother and my sister. I have other females in my life who I am inspired by and admire but I don’t want to make this post go on forever!

My mum. She is a very strong individual. She has gone through a lot in life and suffered because of it. I know this firsthand as I’ve witnessed it. I’ve watched her at her highs and her lows and she is still here. I am so thankful to have a mum who is so caring and will tell me how it is. She is honest and at times forward, but I’ve learnt that I would rather have the blunt truth rather than a lie. I admire both of these qualities in my mum. She is a very brave person and I will say that she is the best mum in the world, to me!

My grandmother is my second mother, my ‘mammy grandma’, as I used to call her. My parent’s had to go back to work when I was born, so she brought me up, from day one almost. When I was 11, she fell down the stairs and became brain-damaged, developed epilepsy and was diagnosed with diabetes. I became her carer. She progressively got worse and old age started to catch up with her, she became incontinent and her brain damage kept progressing too. She is now in a care home and has dementia. She is a resilient individual. When she fell down the stairs, she got back up and shrugged it off as best she could. She told me that she was the same person and she instills that belief in me to this day, she may not be the same person in body or mind, but in my memory she is and no one can take that away from me. I would love to be like my grandmother – to mature as she has – she is wise and is always there when I need her. She gives great advice too – even though it may be blunt sometimes!

My last inspiration is my younger sister. She too has been through a lot. She is younger than me, but she is as brave and as courageous as my mother and grandmother, if not more. She has been through everything I have and has developed so much as a person because of it. I am very proud of her and she inspires me to keep going and try my best for our family.

I would not be who I am without the help of these three people and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am thankful for their help and advice, for supporting me when I need them and for loving me for who I am. I could not ask for anything more

One thing I will take away from this is ‘Say thank you to your loved ones everyday as you never know when they will thank you back’.


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