A Work Life Balance – How and Why?

A work – life balance is probably the most important thing I’m told, apart from being told to ‘READ!’. Yes, you are at university to get your degree, but you are also there to relax and talk to other people.

When I was at college, all I did was read. I didn’t care for socialising with the people in my class. I was there to get my qualification. On my last day at college, I was told that it would not work like that at university. That I needed to develop a work – life balance in order to ‘survive’. I was not used to socialising with people prior to college. So ‘working’ is all I’ve really ever known.

I took note and decided to change this at university. I work a lot still, but I relax too. I’m a member of the debating society and am starting to use the university gym which will help me talk to other people too! I have my job and my volunteering work, which helps me let my hair down too. People would probably go as far as to say that ‘work is my relaxation’. No so much anymore.

But how do you get a work-life balance in the first place? Maintaining it comes later! And why do you need a work-life balance? I’ll answer the first question first, OBVIOUSLY!


Well people say ‘work hard, play hard’. This is true and something I agree in definitely. You need to work hard in order to be able to do other things that you enjoy – your hobbies, your passions etc. I only blog when I know that I don’t have any work to do. Work comes first. If working too hard is your problem, find something you enjoy and dedicate some of your time to that. If you ‘play too much’ and neglect your work, then this is bad too. You should focus more on your work and adopt the ‘play later’ approach. It helps!


The why is perhaps more important than the how. Our health and wellbeing is important. If we work too hard then this can lead us to neglect other things – food, sleep, time for ourselves. You can ‘burnout’. Something I am told a lot. You can also eat too much food! If you play too hard, then your work will suffer. You need to find that balance. Where you can work and get stuff done to the best of your ability and where you can play and enjoy time to yourself. Clubs and societies at university are there for a reason, as is the gym! But your lectures, seminars and reading are there for a purpose too.

Imagine it like a set of scales…

If you tip one side too far, then it won’t be equal. You have too much weight on one side, be this work or play. In order to balance them again you need to stop working too hard or ‘playing’ too much. Keep the scales at a balance. You’ll be thankful.


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