Futures Drop In – University of Sunderland.

Today (Wednesday 11th March 2015); it was the Sunderland Futures Drop In at the University of Sunderland. I was helping with promotions and decided to go there too to find out more about the things that I haven’t done!

The whole Sunderland Futures Team were there, including the general Careers and Employability Service. There was a chance to book CV and Careers appointments as well as appointments to work on interview techniques. In relation to Sunderland Future’s, the SuPA team, the Professional Mentoring Scheme team (which I was a part of too!), the Study Abroad team, Leading Lights and the Internship team (which covered 4 week internships for undergraduates and graduate internships) were all there! We also had a visit from Spectral Visions, the new publishing house at the University of Sunderland! (These are worth looking at, as they are offering a lot of opportunities in relation to English, Media and Marketing/PR and more!).

I’m completing my Sunderland University Professional Award (SuPA) and the Professional Mentoring Scheme and have accessed the Careers and Employability Service countless times already and I am only in the first year of my degree! So I was also there to give people some advice and guidance! It’s fair to say that I have been busy. I applied for the Leading Lights programme which is a 4 day leadership programme, which develops your leadership skills (as you may have already guessed!). I also put my name down to say I was interested in applying for a 4 week internship in the summer. Fingers crossed!

All in all, it was a really great afternoon! If you are a University of Sunderland student, pop into the next one! Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter and around university to find out more!

If you want to know more about the things mentioned above, search for Sunderland University Careers and Employability Service or Sunderland Futures on Google! Good luck!


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