Dementia Friends!

I'm now officially a dementia friend!

I’m now officially a dementia friend!

I am now officially a Dementia Friend! A dementia friend is someone who learns about how it feels to live with dementia. They then invite other people to become dementia friends. All you have to do is watch a 4 minute 30 second video about someone with dementia and how it affects them and then you can apply for your dementia friends pack, just like mine above!

It’s really simple and 4 minutes 30 seconds is not a long time. After you watch this video you can be more knowledgeable. I have 2 members of my family with dementia and I have lost a family member to dementia too, but dementia does not affect everyone the same way. If you become a dementia friend, you can choose to become a dementia friend’s champion. As a dementia friend’s champion you train dementia friends face to face. It looks great on your CV, if you are a student and you can do as little or as much as you like. You can watch the video and then that’s it, or you can fundraise or volunteer with older people with charities such as Age UK.

So what do you say? Become a dementia friend today!

Type ‘Dementia Friends’ into Google now!




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