Unwritten Future.

No one knows what the future will hold – things are ever-changing. Nothing stays the same and nothing is entirely permanent. That is my belief anyway. This blog is inspired by recent events in my life – my grandma and granddad are now both in care homes – something which was and still is hard to accept. I never expected it to happen, I never even thought about it (I’ll go more into depth about this in another post). It is important to remember that life does go on, even if the future is uncertain.

I find it difficult to write this, as I resist change a lot, but not when I know it is right, if that makes sense. The future is not set in stone, just because I am studying social work does not mean I will use my social work degree, just because I have OCD and Anxiety now, does not mean I will have it in the future. Life is full of ups and downs, rights and wrongs, but I believe that we all have a path, but that path changes throughout life. Everyone worries about what the future will hold, but it is natural. You can’t rush the future. Think about the present, the ‘here and now’, not the ‘should, could or maybe’s’. Something can happen that may change your life.

The future is out of your control to some extent, but you can also control it too. I know that is contradictory but by making the right decisions, you can choose how your life pans out. You have the power to shape your life, even though at some points it may not feel like it – you live your life, not anyone else. You have the tools to carve your life and how you want it to turn out. You can make your reality change and can make your dreams come true, not only if you believe but if you do. You won’t achieve if you don’t do something about it.

You don’t know what life is going to throw at you, but you can discover who you are as a person. Even though you are a tiny speck in the world, you still matter and your life does too, even though you don’t know how your life is going to turn out. You have choice and control and that is really important to remember.

We all go through happy events and sad events, events that make us angry and events that surprise us, but life is unpredictable and we should not be scared of that. Hold on to feelings, stop and think about how you feel – remember that feeling. It will help when you need it most.

You are living your life, your story, it is unfinished but it will become a work of art, it will become what you want it to be eventually. Do not give up hope. As my grandma used to say to me ‘You can’t have happiness without a little rain’.

You can do it.


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