Hidden 2015.

Hidden 2015 was a photography exhibition, by The Children’s Society that showed individuals what it was like to be a young carer within England, in this day and age. It is the first of its kind and I had the chance to go and view it. I wanted to take part in the exhibition, but I couldn’t as no-one in my family consented to me sending a photograph.

The photographs that were shown were very poignant. Even though I am a carer myself, it was very upsetting to see. It brought home just how hard it still is for me as a person. I looked at some of the people in the photographs and felt an urge to care for them myself.

This exhibition gave young carers a chance to show people their lives, as their caring responsibilities are often ‘behind closed doors’. It gave young carers a chance to show who they were – not just a carer I may add, but a person too – who had their own life and their own likes and dislikes, like any other person.

The photographs also captured the hopes and dreams of young carer’s not just their reality. This made me think carefully about my own hopes and dreams and reaffirmed some of the things that I want to do in life.

I really would like to see another exhibition like this! And this time I would definitely try to contribute, even if it was a photograph of myself. Actually that gives me a good idea! More to follow soon!


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