Student Jobs and Volunteering Fair – University of Sunderland.

Yesterday (27th February) I attended the University of Sunderland Student Jobs and Volunteering Fair. This was the second one that I attended. After having attended the one in October, I was a lot more confident this time when approaching businesses. I had completed a lot of promotion for the event, so when it came to 2pm, I was far too excited and enthusiastic. I prepared a portfolio of my work and a folder with CV’s and certificates in. I also took my business cards. Some would say I was a little too eager, but I wanted to make a good impression!

So what is the Student Jobs and Volunteering Fair? It is an event where businesses come together to show what opportunities they have to offer, these may be paid or voluntary. There were stalls from the university there too, the Student Union, Sunderland Futures (part of the Careers and Employability Service), the University Institute of Sport and the University of Sunderland Internships Team. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to attend all of the stalls (like I intended to!), as I had to rush off to a meeting! The atmosphere was brilliant and I could feel that there was a lot of #gamechanging and possibly #lifechanging experiences there!

There were a lot of businesses there to suit every individual, from Age UK and the Stroke Association, to Sunderland Pride and the National Glass Centre. I tried to go to every stall because I believe that just because I may not be interested on paper does not mean that I won’t be interested in real life. Not to mention that there was a lot of free stuff, that’s the most important part, right?

Why did I go? – I went to the fair because I wanted to develop my confidence and see if I could get some more experience to put on my ever-growing CV! I want something to do in the summer, as 4 months is a long time to just sit and do nothing. I had much more fun at this fair, because I knew what to say to employers. I said my name and my course and asked if I could give them my CV and business card. If I knew the organisation, I said what role I was interested in, if not then I asked what they had to offer me as a person. This is a good tactic, if you do or don’t know what experience you want to give. You want the experience that you get to benefit you as an individual.

The fair also allowed me to talk to employers about what they looked for in graduates and allowed me to ask the university staff about opportunities within the university that I could join. I asked about internships and have decided to apply for the SU Buddies scheme and the Student Ambassador scheme too.

It is a really great experience and something that is worth your time I assure you. If you didn’t go to this one, there is another one in October! I hope to see you there this time! Hopefully I’m a Student Ambassador and an SU buddy then as well as a Lives Online blogger. We shall see!


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