Top Tips for Student Finance.

It is that time of year again, when prospective university student’s will be applying for Student Finance. The process is not an easy one, I’ll admit that, but here is a short blog post featuring my top 10 tips when applying for student finance.

1. Make sure you have everything you need – the documents you need are very important so make sure you have them all, if you don’t have them, get them ASAP.

2. Remember your details – this is important when checking the status of your application. You can always call Student Finance though.

3. Tell your parents about your application so that they can get their documents ready.

4. Remind your parents to remember their details.

5. If you need additional evidence such as proof that your parent’s are divorced, you are living independently etc, then make sure you have this too. It’s important.

6. Do it well in advance. Do not leave it a few days before the deadline. (Like I did!).

7. Send photocopies!

8. Make sure to send documents first class and get recorded delivery so you know that Student Finance has received them.

9. Make sure your details are correct, if they aren’t change them or let Student Finance know.

10. Keep checking the status of your application. This is how you will know when you need to send evidence, when payment has been scheduled etc.

Good luck!


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