How to get organised!

People always tell me that I’m a very organised person (if only they saw the state of my university desk sometimes!). They ask me how I do it and they become confused – I have my own little neat tricks and tips for staying organised. It takes time, but organisation takes time. With organisation comes time-management and vice versa. Organisation is a vital skill to have. So if you think you could be better organised then read on!

Keep a diary. I carry my diary with me everywhere. A weekly or daily diary can be so much help – you can organise your personal and professional life in one little book. It’s very handy. You can also use a desk or wall planner and mark important events. I have one on my desk, from Paperchase. You can also use your mobile, tablet or laptop and mark events on your calendar. I use all three of these methods, but using one or two can help you become more organised.

Use ‘to do’ lists. As well as having a diary, I have to do lists. I carry a notepad with me too. If I have something to do that I can’t do straight away, in the moment, I write it down and then transfer it to my paper diary. I have ‘to do’ lists all around my student flat (apart from in the kitchen of course). I have one in my bathroom and several in my bedroom. I always make sure I have completed all of my ‘to do’ list at the end of the week – normally on a Sunday. If I haven’t I transfer the things I haven’t done to the coming week ‘to do’ list, which helps me stay on track.

Colour code. Colour coding is a great way to stay on top of priorities. I use a traffic light system – red is urgent, yellow is ‘it isn’t that urgent’ and green is ‘it doesn’t have to be done soon’. Most of my things are yellow to be honest. Once I have done a task, I tick it off. Once all of them are done, I am relieved. Who doesn’t like completing all the tasks they need to? If I can’t attend an event, then I highlight it in orange – with a reason beside it saying why I couldn’t go.

A diary isn’t just great for remembering events, it is also a great tool to write contact details in of key contacts – I have university and work contacts in mine to make sure I have them on hand if I need them.

I’d recommend a diary for all university students – it makes organising your social life a lot easier, I assure you.

So there are a few tips on how to get more organised. Try them out and see if they work for you. Let me know!


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