Does university change you as a person?

In the past few months while I’ve been at university, I’ve noticed that I’ve changed a lot as a person, as a result of my course no doubt and also as a result of university life and being a proper student. My morals about not drinking haven’t changed and they won’t change, but my values and my beliefs are far more open than prior to university. I’m a lot more open to being ‘swayed’. Before university, I was very defensive, particularly because I would not let my guard down. But my course has given me an opportunity to do that because I know that my course mates will respect what I say and I trust them. If they do say something behind my back, then it is their problem not mine. I’ve definitely become more self-aware – I question my thoughts, feelings and actions and reflect on a daily basis, whether I write it down or just think about it. I am more aware of who I am as a person, because I have explored my identity on the course. I am not fully sure who I am, it may take a while or I may never get there at all, some people won’t reach self-actualisation. (Good ol’ Maslow!). I was told in my interview that I was very aware of myself, but I definitely think I’ve improved in that area. I certainly know what I want and I know that I will get it. Before the course, I was a little interested in politics, but not much. I didn’t read the newspapers a lot or watch any type of political TV, but now I do. I always buy newspapers and have a lot of applications on my tablet where I can access the news. I also watch the Sunday Politics and Questiontime and Daily Politics when I can. I’m a lot more politically aware too and I may even vote this year. I was a psychology fanatic at college. I loved learning about the mind and behaviour although I found some aspects difficult to understand. The psychology interest probably came from my interest in neurology (the studying of the brain). We were asked before the start of the first lesson in social work, whether or not we were a ‘sociologist’ (preferred sociology), a ‘psychologist’ (preferred psychology), neither or both. I chose psychology of course. But now I have become much more interested in the sociological aspect of social work. I find it fascinating and interesting. I’d say I’ve been converted into preferring sociology – who knew? My personality has changed too. I’m a lot less defensive, in fact when we debate in class I would say I’m not defensive at all. I argue my opinion, but I don’t guard it and be stubborn like I used to. I have also become more outgoing, open-minded and am open to new opportunities – I’m actually willing to give stuff a go. A big change for me is that I enjoy the company of others as equally as being on my own. I was an introvert before university, but I think that I have come out of my shell and made friends. I’d say I’m more of an inbetweener – between introvert and extrovert. My appearance has changed too. At college I didn’t wear make-up, just wore t-shirts, jeans and hoodies and just tossed my hair up into a bobble. It didn’t take me two minutes to get ready. Now it takes me an hour and a half at the least. I’m more interested in hair and makeup and fashion. I’ve turned into a ‘girly girl’ and make an effort to look nice. My wardrobe and make-up drawer will tell you that. I have a skin routine too and am eating a lot healthier, I try to exercise (if I can be bothered), but I walk to university and back. I walk wherever I can really. My hobbies have developed too. I’ve left the singing and dancing and playing sports behind, but I love to watch sports and films and listen to a lot of music. My photography has really come on too. I loved going out and about with my camera before coming to university and in the summer I intend to take a lot of pictures, especially when I go on my holidays! I was interested in social media before university. It was merely a social function that I had an interest in. Now I’ve been to workshops and conferences, I would say that I am now passionate about social media. I have been told that I have an ‘obsession’ but I think that is a good thing, because I am using it professionally. I love social media so much so that I do a lot of volunteering in that area now. I’m adding strings to my bow, as people say. Lastly and perhaps the one aspect of change I am most happy about is that my mental health has improved drastically. Some of you may know that I have anxiety and OCD and that prior to university my symptoms were really bad. I became a really close-minded person and my personality changed a lot, I was not myself at all. Now I can say that I am a lot better and feel like I’m getting back to who I was before the symptoms started to get really bad. (I’ve known that I’ve had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and anxiety since I was 14 years old). Although, I still have bumps in the road, I have more good days than bad ones, which I’m pleased about. That is how university has changed me as a person in the last few months, so yes university does change you as a person. Did it or has it changed you? Comment below or reply to my tweet!



  1. Hello, I discovered your blog today and, have been reading all the posts up to this. I must say I found it interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring. To your question, I suppose university has changed me in some extent. I’ve grown more as a person. However, my disability has made me ‘different’ from everyone else in the university life of lectures and seminars. That was probably why I didn’t make any friends in the past two years. I don’t see that changing as I (hopefully) enter into third year in Sept. I’ve reflected on my two years as a uni student and, realised it did not matter that I did not make any friends. The reason for this is I have friends outside of university life- people that actually matter to me. I guess it is okay that I haven’t had the ‘full university experience’. This has made me to further appreciate the education I receive.

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    1. Thank you. I’m changing course again in September so hopefully I’ll be able to make new friends. 🙂


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