Epiphany – it couldn’t come soon enough.

I had an epiphany this week. A realisation that dawned on me. I graduate in 2017, which is a ages away, as my friends put it. But is it? Next September I’ll be going into my 3rd year of my social work degree. This year is going fast already. I only have 13 weeks left and then first year is done. Finished. I imagine second year will fly over and then third year too. Then I’ll be standing with my cap and gown ready to graduate. Am I thinking too far ahead? Some say I am…wishing my life away but some may say I’m being realistic too. The course is metaphorically flying over right before my eyes. September seems like a lifetime ago. It may be because I’m learning a lot about myself, but it could be that time is going by faster than I realise. It’s scary to think that this time in two years I’m going to be graduating. You can probably tell that graduation means a lot to me and it does but at the same time I want to get out there and practice. Who doesn’t want to put what they are learning into the real world, to see theories come to life as many of the second and third year students are saying on my course. I was told before coming to university that it will go quickly. I just brushed it off – my two years at college didn’t go quickly at all so surely the same would apply to university. I think I’ve been proven wrong! I have my dissertation workshop this time next year. It is creeping up on me…all at once I imagine. I’ll be on placement this time next year too – a scary thought but at the same time it’s what I want to do – to get out there and be a student social worker. Isn’t that what people on the course urge to do? Or again am I wishing my time at university away? Only you can decide. The only thing I can say from my experience now is that I’m treasuring my time at university but at the same time I can’t wait to graduate! Students need to be made aware that university goes fast even if they don’t want it to. Don’t waste any time! Because before you know it that’s it, 3 years done and dusted.


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