Why go to university?

I’ve been asked this question a lot recently, by extended family members and other individuals. Something that has never really been a thinking point at all for me really – I guess I knew that I wanted to go to university. There was no question about it.

Some people say ‘What about the debt it gets you into?’ – in all honesty it’s going to better myself, I’d rather pay the money back to get a decent education. The education I’m receiving at the University of Sunderland is amazing, no matter what the league tables say! The lecturers, the course and all of the support and extra opportunities are great. I would not have the chance if I didn’t go to university. I believe that you can’t get a good job anymore unless you have a degree, though it is dependent on the person – I don’t think I could achieve what I want to achieve without going to university.

I also want to go to university to get my dream job, whatever that may be. My last blog post focused on me thinking about changing my career path so I don’t have a ‘dream job’ now, as such. University gives me the chance to explore all of my options through gaining experience, networking and studying. There are a lot of degree courses out there. I’m studying Social Work at the moment, but I’m considering a totally different Master’s degree, possibly. University will give me a chance to find my ‘dream job’ as it takes time, for some people. I’m one of those people.

I want to develop as a person and university offers you the chance to do that. I’ve developed a lot as a person over the past few months, whilst I’ve been studying at university. It’s been life-changing already. I’m feeling much more confident and have acquired some valid life skills. I feel more independent – which is a huge development from September 2014. I’ve developed personally, but also professionally too – I’ve got a lot more experience, opened my mind to new opportunities and even have a CV!

University is not for everyone I know, it is a big decision to make for some. Is it worth it? Is it going to be a waste of time? Do I need to go? Only you can answer those questions. I could sit here and say ‘Do it!’, but only you know. I’m at university because I like to study, I want to better myself personally and professionally and I don’t mind the money baggage that comes with it. You do have to pay to get a decent education. (Not all will agree…).

I must also say that once you are at university that it isn’t enough to just do a degree at university anymore. You can either dip your toe in the (metaphorical) water, or fully submerge yourself – I’ve chosen the latter. You have to get involved in every opportunity you can (whilst being able to say no too!) and be the best you can be. So far university has been amazing for me and it has lived up to my expectations. But I am at university because I want to be. Sometimes you have to ask if you are doing it for yourself, others or societies benefit?




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