Being a University Student. – What have I learnt?

University is a big learning curve. I’m only 2 semester’s into my first year and it’s fair to say that I’ve learnt a lot, about myself, about life and about the world of work. I think it is also fair to say that I have a lot more to learn.

Being a university student is brilliant. According to my sociology module – it means I’ve gone up in terms of the ‘class system’. (I don’t believe that). I have been able to see myself change as a person, professionally and personally – I question why I think a certain way, am even more self-aware and have stronger and different values and beliefs. My religion (Buddhism) has become even more important.

What have I learnt about myself? – Like I said I’ve been able to see myself change. I’m a more confident person and I’ve learnt to believe in myself and my abilities. I try as hard as I can and that is my best – I can’t do any more. It’s hard to believe that I’m just two semester’s in. People said that the social work course would change me and it has. I’m questioning my beliefs and values in a good way and thinking about why other people may have different views to me. I’m even more open-minded about perspectives of ‘why’ something happens. I’ve learnt that I can be more open-minded when I accept other people’s views. I was rather opinionated before university but now I’m not, unless it relates to my strongest values and beliefs.

I’ve also learnt that I can be independent in my thought and my actions. I used to ask people if they thought I should do something and would listen to them mostly. Now it is the other way around – I ask for advice but choose what I want to do. Of course I like to make others happy, but I think about myself more now and what I want, not what other people want for me.

What have I learnt about life? – Life gives you lemons and you have to get over them. There are people you won’t like, but you have to get on with them. There is no choice, really. You need to be resilient and be able to motivate yourself. I have also learnt that there are people in life that will support you who aren’t just friends or family – people who are professionals but will support you informally, if that makes sense. It’s nice to know. Lastly, I’ve learnt from university that your thoughts and ideas in life are definitely not certain – you will chop and change your mind until you figure out what you want and that it is okay. You don’t need to know what you want to do straight away when you first enter university.

The world of work is a different reality to that of education and theory. I am more aware of this now. This is where you have to please others and work hard in order to get somewhere, at least that is my opinion now. In terms of employability, I’ve learnt you need to be well-rounded. This is something I’m going to aim for. The opportunities at the university I’m at are offering the chance for me to do this.

I’ve learnt a lot more but these are the most significant for me.

What did you learn at university as a student?


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