10 Reasons why you should blog!

I got into blogging a year and a bit ago, after finding a gap in the market. There was nowhere for people to go for advice for their social work interviews, but slowly this blog has turned into a blog about my thoughts and feelings and ideas, as well as advice. But why should YOU blog?

1. It increases your writing skills – you learn to write for an audience. You adapt your language and your writing style to your audience. It helps you get your thoughts and ideas onto paper. It is free thinking communication – you can write what you want; you are free to express yourself.

2. It allows you to think deeper – you need to think about what you write. Blogging will enable you to think about your subject from various other angles.

3. It develops other skills – commitment, time-management, confidence, adaptability, determination and a whole lot more. These are valuable skills to have in life.

4. It is therapeutic – Blogging allows you to release your emotions. I’ve found that out on many occasions. It lets you release your inner thoughts and feelings. A problem shared is a problem halved? An idea shared allows you to see if it’ll work or not.

5. It helps you to network – Blogging helps you to meet other people perhaps with the same interests or the same thoughts or ideas as you. I’ve frequently been told that people know me from my blog and when people meet me in person that they have read my blog. It develops your confidence dramatically.

6. You can inspire others – I was told recently that my blog inspired someone else to blog or that it helped them to carry on (trigger warning) with their life. Who knows? Maybe you could evoke that in someone else. It’s a wonderful feeling.

7. It’s free and doesn’t have to take up a lot of time – Blogging is free and you can invest as much time in it as you want to, making you more organised.

8. It might evoke a passion that you never knew you had – I must admit I now have a passion for blogging. I loved writing and studied all English A Levels. I forgot about it when I went to college to study Health and Social Care. You could realise that you have a passion for a subject too, not just an interest.

9. It can create opportunities – Blogging can help you gain other opportunities that you may not have had if you didn’t blog.

10. It will help you navigate other social media – In order to get your blog known you need to share it with others via social media such as Twitter etc. It will make you more knowledgeable and help you to be more ‘technically minded’ and socially active online, which employers may look for.

So give it a go! There isn’t anything to lose!


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