A Day in the Life of a Carer.

Wake up in the morning; stumble out of bed and first thing I think about is who I’m caring for. I can wait. They are the most important. I give my good mornings, thanking someone ‘up there’ that who I’m caring for is still alive. It’s nice to know someone cares right? I make sure who I’m caring for is okay and then tend to my role as a carer – I might make sure that my loved one has had their medication, make their breakfast, take them to the toilet and help them get ready. It depends on who I am. I’m more than a carer though. After this, I’ll help my siblings get ready and make their breakfast. At this point, I haven’t even taken care of myself yet.

Time to take care of myself, maybe an hour or so after I’ve gotten up. I make my breakfast, get ready and then it’s time to go to school. But before I go to school, I make sure my loved one is comfortable and that they have everything they need. I pick up the lunches I made the night before and off I go to school with my siblings. My siblings get to school on time, I’m late…sometimes.

Then it’s 6 hours or so of school, or should I say worrying. I hate being away from my caring duties when I’m at school. I prefer to be there, to make sure they are alright. I get to see my friends, but sometimes I’m bullied, the teacher’s don’t understand and I’m tired. I try to focus on my lessons but it doesn’t always happen. I forgot my homework or I couldn’t do it. I try to explain to my teacher but it doesn’t work.

My friends ask me if I can go around to their house after school, for tea. I can’t because I have to go home. After picking up my siblings from school, it’s time to attend to my caring duties again. I tell my loved one what I’ve been doing in school that day, then I help them – I might bathe them, help them get ready for bed or just talk to them. I make sure everyone in my family has had something to eat, make sure they are bathed, ready for bed and in bed. 

Now it’s time for me. Something I’ve been waiting all day for. Hang on, I feel guilty for saying that, but I need to think of me too, don’t I? It’s time to do my homework, if I can. I can’t concentrate in school. It’s far too late and I’m tired. Time to go to sleep, again if I can. I worry too much. Another day tomorrow, best get some rest so I can do it all again.


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