Back to university, back to reality!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been so busy with my new job, volunteering and new projects! But I’m back! I’m back to university, for my second semester of my first year of my Social Work degree. Back to reality I suppose, too! I’ve finished my first week and I’ve been really busy. My timetable is a lot fuller – I only have one day off, which is a Friday, so you could say that’s a good thing.

This semester I’m studying Psychology, Human Growth and Development and Social Theory which are new modules. I’m also studying modules from last semester which are Social Work Theory and Practice, Skills for Practice and Law for Social Workers (though I’m now focusing on Child Law). From this first week back, I can tell that it will be a challenging semester, more so than my first one. We are focusing more on being critical and reflective.

I hope I’m going to improve more this semester, in terms of grades. I think I did well last semester, upon reflection. I know my areas for improvement so I just have to focus on making them strengths this time! I have a few exams this semester too so I’ll be revising for them! One child law one and one on social theories. I’ve been given more reading to do too, so I’ve set myself a timetable so I can study and have some ‘me’ time too because that is important as we all know!

Let’s see how semester 2 goes shall we? Only 14 weeks left then my first year is over!


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