Social Work Dissertation Ideas: First Year Thoughts.

I know it is ‘dissertation’ season and that most final year students on all courses will be doing theres. I’ve been told not to mention the word ‘dissertation’ (shhh…), until my third year, but I love writing too much and I am actually looking forward to writing it. I’ve been told the enthusiasm will wear off…(I hope not), but anyway here are my social work dissertation ideas: my first year thoughts.

– I’d definitely like to explore the area of carers. (That is a definite).

I’d be willing to explore –

– Carer mental health.

– The definition of a carer in different cultures – does it exist?

– Carer identity – something around psychology…

– Resilience in carers.

– Effect of being a carer in relation to a specific issue – i.e. employment, being bullied.

– Service provision for carers.

– Practice with carers within the social work profession.

Just some ideas to start off with – they may or may not change, but I will review this at the end of my second year.


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