A typical day in the life of a social work student. (ME)




7.30am – Awake, breakfast time. Usually something healthy, but if I can’t be bothered a bowl of chocolate hoops (it is usually the latter!).

9.00am – After I’ve gotten ready, time to head out.

9.01am – Head back into my accommodation because I’ve forgotten something – usually my diary.

9.30am – To the library, check in some books, get out some more books, pick up or drop off an assignment…

10am – Lecture time.

11am – 10 minute break – time for a quick check of social media.

12pm – Dinner time – this time it’s healthy – no crisps allowed – unless I’ve forgotten my lunch and realised when I’m walking to university.

1pm – Back into another two hour lecture.

2.15pm – Another 10 minute break – another quick check at social media.

3pm – University finished for the day. Back to accommodation.

3.30pm – Check social media and news stories for the day.

4pm – Look at lecture slides for the next day – print them off – that is if I have enough ink…

4.30pm – Time to do some course related reading – a quick burst until tea time.

5pm – Tea time – because I’m getting better at this, it is something healthy.

5.30pm – Eat tea – whilst doing some more course reading.

6pm – More course reading – after washing up straight away of course (p.s. I am a slow eater, normally takes me half an hour to eat my tea, that or I’m too engrossed in my book!).

7pm – Shower time.

7.15pm – Into my PJ’s.

7.30pm – Check the tweet chats on Twitter.

8pm – Debate.

9pm – Finish debates. Do some more reading until 9.30pm.

9.30pm – Into bed. More social media browsing of course.

10.20pm – Lights out.


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