FAQ’s as a Social Work student.

As a social work student I get asked a lot of questions and frequently. By my family, by my friends, by the general public, sometimes and other professionals. So to clear things up here is my FAQ (frequently asked questions) as a social work student.

Why Social Work? – This is the big one, albeit the easiest one to answer for me. I’ve chosen social work because I want to help people. I didn’t choose nursing because I’m not as  interested in the anatomy and physiology of the body anymore, which is also the reason why I didn’t choose occupational therapy or physiotherapy. I want to make a difference and I want to support people to have better lives. To put it simply. I could write an essay on why, but I won’t give myself extra work.

Don’t social workers just take children away? – The answer I always give people is no. We do a lot more and that the always the last option. We support people to live in their own homes, support people to gain an education and get a job, we support people to recover from various events in their lives. The job is not just about safeguarding, although it does play a big part in it.

Surely you don’t have that much work to do? – We do have a lot of reading to do. We have to keep up with knowledge and recent changes in the law and in politics. It’s full-time studying. There is time for a life outside of university though studying comes first, for me anyway.

All student’s do is drink, right? You must be no different? – I am different. Everyone is different. Diversity is a fundamental concept and reality on our course. I don’t drink but it doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun.

What do you study in Social Work? – I study a lot actually. I do a varied range of subjects from psychology to a little bit of anatomy, to politics and law. Not forgetting sociology and study skills. It’s a mix of different subjects but it all links up to the end result of me being a fully qualified social worker.

How is university? It’s changed since I went. – It’s good. You wake up, study, eat, study, eat, sleep, repeat most days. Some days you’ll be lazy and sit around on Netflix or do other more useful things like volunteering, but it isn’t for everyone. For me I am enjoying university, social life is a bit of a no go, because I don’t enjoy it much, but I still have a work/life balance.

Do you miss home? – Yes. I miss home. Home is where the heart is right? But I’m at university now, I’m a grown up (sort of!) and needed to move out sometime. Some people on my course are still living at home. I chose to move out for a new adventure and what an adventure it has been.

Is there a lot of reading on the course? – Yes a lot of reading. But it has to be done.

Can Social Work students still have fun? – Of course we can. We don’t have to constantly study, there is still time for me time.

And there you have it, the FAQ’s as a social work student.


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