My Social Work Student Christmas List

This Christmas, I’m a social work student. Here are the things on my Social Work Christmas list!

Dear Santa (My family…),

I would like the following,

1. Mental Health Law in England and Wales book.
2. Mental Capacity Act 2005 book.
3. 2015-2016 Academic Diary.
4. All the Learning Matters books – they are amazing!
5. Some colourful notepads!
6. Printer ink. – It’s so expensive!
7. More printer ink!
8. New highlighters, mine have been used a lot.
9. Pens! Where have all mine gone? I’m sure they just walk off when I’m sleeping!
10. Stress ball – For the times when I need a break from assignments or for when I’m bored…
11. Community Care desk calendar because as a social work student I like to keep organised.
12. Motivation (Oh, you can’t buy that…guess I’ll have to find it then!).
13. A social work dictionary!
14. Some new headphones – to watch Netflix… I mean listen to music while I study!
15. A tablet – to look at the latest news of course, not to play Angry Birds.
16. Good essay results – I suppose Santa (my lecturers) will bring those for me since I’ve worked hard this semester!
17. Driving lessons – so expensive! I’m a student and have a budget!

I have been really good this year.


Sophie. 🙂

P.s. If you think of anything I can add to this list let me know!


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