My weeks at university so far – the course.

I’ve mentioned my university accommodation experience, so now I am going to talk about my experience on my course and of the University of Sunderland as a whole. In short, it has been amazing. Right from the get-go I knew I’d chosen the right university, but these past few weeks have really affirmed my decision. Some people still say to me when I tell them I’m studying at Sunderland University – ‘Why Sunderland?’. It’s like they are disgusted almost. But I say, with my head held high – ‘It was the university that felt right for me’. A few months back, I’d had offers from the University of Leeds and the University of York as well as Northumbria, all good universities for my course. But Sunderland’s social work course was for me.

The course is brilliant. The people on my course are lovely and they all have a range of experiences. There is a breadth of people on the course, older and younger, some with children others not, some with different abilities, though this is a good thing! I’ve got three good friends on the course and I’m glad.

I’m studying four modules this semester:

  • Law for Social Workers (Adult Law).
  • Social Work Theory and Practice 1.
  • Introduction to Social Policy.
  • Skills for Practice.

I really am enjoying all of them. If I had to pick a favourite module it would have to be Law for Social Workers simply because I love learning about law. It’s the module that really challenges me and I like that. Introduction to Social Policy is about politics, something which interests me too. Social Work Theory and Practice is all about values and ethics as well as discrimination etc. We also get to hear from different service user groups. I’ve had my first assignment in this module and am pleased to say I achieved a 2:1 classification (not bad for my first one!). Skills for Practice is split into three parts – study skills, communication and a community study. We’ve completed study skills which involved diagnostic assignments. These were really helpful and helped me to know where I was and what I needed to improve on. I get very detailed feedback from my tutors and that’s what I need as I’m always looking to improve so I can come out with that first class degree.

My lecturers are very supportive and encouraging and they love their subject, which actually reflects in my work. After lecturers I want to do more reading and research. They are very approachable and we work in a relaxed atmosphere. The student – staff partnership really is very strong, not just on my course but across the university.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past two months and hope to keep on learning. Nearing semester 2 soon and I can’t wait!


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